Monday, July 22, 2013


Baby boy's napping.  It's pouring outside.  Dark inside.  I've had my oatmeal for needed energy.  Time for a post!  This time, sans linkage. 

Lycan's doing wonderfully.  In 6 days he'll be 7 months old.  He's got sitting up down, and nearly has that crawling thing down.  He's just figured out how to lift himself up on all fours, but hasn't figured out how to go forward yet. However, he can stand up on his own and cruise with support from mommy and daddy.  And he rolls everywhere.

Child is strong now!

Is a very happy baby. 

Two bottom teeth are in, and now he's teethin again, which means it's time for more.  Lycan wants some steak!

He eats 6-10 4 oz jars of baby food a day, with bottles in the middle.  In the mornings, he gets a mixture of rice and baby food.  We learned that if he has a bottle after he eats, be it formula or juice, he tends to vomit.  Whereas if he only eats baby food, he's fine.  Even if the juice is diluted.  Oh, and he still hates meat.  Even if it's a mixture of chicken and vegetables.  Loves the vegetables, not a big fan of the chicken part, yet.

Loves Bananas and Apples, especially when the two are combined.  Hates Squash and Peas, but likes Sweet Peas and Peas and Carrots. 

Eating around this kid has gotten annoying, because he wants our food!  So either we wait until he's asleep or we give him a bottle/feed him.  

Bought him some sippy cups last week.  Have yet to try them.  He does hold his bottle sometimes, so we hold that the sippy cups will encourage that behavior.  Which I do too with his bottles, but I'm thinkin that his line of thinkin is Why?  You'll do it for me!

Loves his bathtub and toys, especially since he can sit up on his own. Kid gives Poseidon a run for his money with his waves and splashing, and banishing toys from the Sea of Wolfman.

Just had his latest growth spurt, so now his legs are finally catching up to his long torso. 

My mom wanted to give us a portable high chair, which is just the seat and tray.  Says it makes it easier to sit on the couch and watch TV.  But we already have a high chair that sits at the table.  I was brought up that kids sit and eat at the table, and thus so will our children.  My In-Laws, they have high chairs, but they don't use them.  So their kids just run around or sit in front of the TV to eat, and I'm just not down with that.  It's fine for them, but TV time can be a grandparent thing, not a home thing.  That's how my brother is also bringing up his daughter. 

Speaking of which, my brother is over seas, serving 9 months in Kuwait.  Well, he's got about 7 months left.  I miss him, even though we're not super close, and I often think about him and Savannah.  I know they Skype, but still; sometimes I couldn't imagine being separated from Lycan longer than a week, let alone 9 months.  Quite the sacrifice, that.  When he comes back, I think he'll be promoted to...Colonel?  I don't remember. 

Back to our upbringing, it's weird how some of how we were raised are subconsciously coming back and being taught to our children.  It hit me yesterday when I was telling my step mom about the above.  " how we were brought up."

Well, nap time is probably about over, so I'm going to take advantage of this quiet and do some chores.  


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  1. Heh heh. They grow so fast!

    Yeah, Rowan wants my food, so she gets handfuls of rice, peas, potatoes, pasta, etc. Whatever is safe off my plate. I only just started giving her some baby food too yesterday, because she seems to want it.

    Argh, your post makes me think I need to post a Rowan update.

    Anyway, glad you've got teeth there! It's nice once they start coming in, because you know the process is truly underway.

    Hope your brother's time in Kuwait passes quickly. When my ex was in Korea for the first year of my son's life, we didn't have Skype. Same went for when he was in Iraq and Turkey. It probably existed when he went to Korea for the second time, but I didn't know anything about it. So Gavin just talked to him on the phone when he was gone. It's nice that Skype exists now - gives military parents a chance to stay connected with their kids!