Thursday, June 13, 2013

Some Locals

I'm browsing Witchvox right now (my profile is Dyslexic Witch), just trying to find a local group or coven to some Pagans and Witches from the area.  Share experiences and learn something new.  But either the groups are old, with no new information, or they're only looking for teen/college aged participants.  Which honestly, I'd emailed one of the groups, asking if they mean any one in college or a specific age group of 18-22, ya know?  Be specific.  Just about anyone of various ages can be in college these days. 

Technically I'm taking a hiatus from college.  Breakdowns, depression, and young children can do that to a career student!

It'd be great to find a group that allows families, but individual will also work, since the hubby's more of a Slacker Pagan anyway, nor he is a Witch, and I/we can teach our kids ourselves (although he's gotten more passionate when it comes to Lycan, so that's cool).  But wouldn't be it great if he(they) could play with other Pagan kids? Learn and play together, like the Spiral Scouts.

At the same time, it'd be great to involve the hubby in something Pagan, too. 

Problems I've encountered so far:

  • Old groups
  • Age restrictions
  • Wiccan only
  • The overall tone of the group is either super light and love, like they're trying too hard, or I dunno....I just don't like the wording.  Something doesn't feel right, ya know?  Like I'm a spiritual person, but it's just so lovey dovey with their Blessed Be's and So Mote It Be's that...I dunno how else to explain it.  It's just a scam or something.  
  • Or the groups are located far from the capital.  I live in Ohio's capital, Columbus.  I've been all over central Ohio, but some of these groups and covens are a couple hours away.   I ain't got the gas money for that.

I guess my internet communities have grown stale--there's not a whole lot of action or interaction going on in the communities that I'm part of.  Most of them have been taken over by prayer threads.  It's quite boring....and I think I'm just at that point where I want to meet Pagans and Witches from my area. 

Damn, I guess it's off to the local shops to see if there's anything going on with them?  I know one shop, Blessed Be, offers classes and is host to weekly drumming circles.  The problem is my work schedule coinciding with their classes and events. 

I still have time to find and be established into a group/coven by the time Lycan's old enough to understand.  I would just like him to grow up with more interactive resources (people) than I had growing up.  I mean, shit, I didn't start using the internet for Pagan/Witch companionship, 2004. 

I dunno, maybe I'm just feeling lonesome right now?  I also got to remember that there tends to be a lot of drama within Pagan circles.    Drama and ego.  But then what group/family doesn't have those two factors?  I'm exhausted and ramblin.


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