Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Another Pinteraddict

Plum out of fun and educational ideas for your family?  Even though it's quite addicting--and I've been using it to pass the time during recovery--Pinterest has some fun ideas. 

I'm on there as MoonVeiled Dovahkiin.  Here be my Wren's Nest board, full of activities that I find exciting and educational for a family of various ages.  For the most part, I went for Pagan-esque themes, like nature, science, and magik.

Share if you're also a Pinteraddict, I'd like to see your likes and loves.  That and I'm just bored.  Bored with recovery, bored with being on a lifting restriction.  Bored with other internet aspects.  So might as well work on my Pagan Parenting binder, right?



  1. So many people are on Pinterest now and I've pretty much avoided it, just because I feel like I don't have the time.

    But someone did tell me it's a great place to find frugal/thrifty living ideas, and I certainly could use that! I've been adding loads of frugal/thrifty living blogs lately, as we're about to go from one decent Air Force income and all the benefits PLUS my pay, to JUST my pay.

    So I think it's time I just went on over to Pinterest and saw what the fuss was all about, eh? :) See you over there!

    Oooh, a Pagan parenting binder? You know what I wish there were more of? Pagan frugal living/homemaking/parenting blogs... And books... And magazines... *sigh*

    OK, I'm off to give in to the Pinterest monster. :D

    1. Awesome :-D Me too, with the Pagan living and parenting blogs! Though it does get the brain churning.