Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Gravel Pit

Been a long near week!  Wednesday, after I ate a chicken patty sandwich, I was having painful gas.  Alka Seltzer, Gas X, Yoga, or back patting weren't doing anything.  The pain just got worse and worse.  It was in the middle of my chest, beneath my rib cage, and pierced through to my back.  Sometimes it wrapped around my rib cage and went down into my belly.  Pain was intense.

I went to work and was only there for 20 minutes, because the crippling, agonizing pain sent me home.  The drive home was challenging!  I got home, crying, tryinng to stretch it out.  Trying to pound it out.  Just trying to lay in some comforting position.  Nothing.

I googled Female Heart Attack Symptoms, because ours is different than men (although I wouldn't recommend webmd like I went to, simply because that site will turn you into a hypochondiac.  I got scared.  Told my husband to take me to the ER.

Had X-Rays done, extensive questions, left in intense pain that literally left me begging, pleading, and crying for relief for an hour.  Oh, and vomiting, let's not forget that.  And I had an ultrasound. 

Went into the ER around 10:30 Wednesday, left 5 am Thursday morning with a prescription for Zolfran and Percocet for....Gallbladder Attack, due to Gall Stones.  Apparently, it's common for women to develop them during pregnancy.  Also 1 in 3 people have gall stones.  Within 3 people with gall stones, 1 has to have them removed.  I was scheduled to my mine removed Thursday, June 6th.

Friday, I noticed that my urine was had a reddish dark tint to it.  I thought I was just dehydrated.  Drank tons of water.  As the day progressed, I experienced more pain, pain that wasn't subsiding with the itchy pain killer.  Finally, in the evening, I called my aunt, who's an RN and asked her about my urine.  She told me to "get my butt to the ER".  So I did.

It wasn't blood, but bilirubin (the stuff that gives poop its color).  And apparently I had jaundice.  I was a reject Oombaloomba!  One of the stones had fallen into one of the ducts, blocking the bilirubin, giving me jaundice.  Admitted into the hospital I was!

Had surgery to remove the stones on Saturday, via my throat.  The Surgerical Nurse said it was like a gravel pit!  Dude was cool, I liked him.

Had the major surgery on Sunday to remove my gallbladder, just four tiny incisions.  (Which happens a lot!  While I was there, at least 6 people had theirs removed, too!)

Wasn't discharged from the hospital until yesterday (Monday).

The last time I spent more than two days in the hospital, I lost something, was in pain, and was bleeding from the crotch (as I had started my period yesterday morning, due to stress).

It's weird to think that I don't have an organ, but at least I'm not yellow or in too much pain.  I'm walking around, have zero energy, can't lift more than 10 lbs (which included my son :-( ), and can't eat greasy, fatty, or spicy foods (at least for a while).   My throat hurts, too.  Coughing and burping suck ass.  It's amazing how much you use your abs!  At least I'm healthy.

The hardest part of this is not being about to carry or hold my son.  Especially when he reaches for me, brings a tear to my eye.  Last night, we stayed with my mom.  Tomorrow and Thursday, my step mom's going to help out.  As for Friday and this weekend?  Or next week?  I dunno.  Lycan's not exactly a lay-around kind of kid.  He's demanding and active.  Can't just put him down in a play pen or on the floor.  So I dunno, but maybe I'll be stronger (even though the surgeon said to not until he clears me)?  Eh, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

I'd type more about my adventures, but I'm pretty tired.  

So that was my week-end.  How was yours?  Oh and granny's doin fine.  Went from her deathbed to walking around my mom's house, cooking and cleaning.  She's a stubborn old bat.


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