Saturday, May 11, 2013

Alliteration, Our New Friend

Found a solution.  Sleeping when he sleeps is a suckish idea because he power naps, sleeping for 10-20 minutes.  When I sleep, I wanna for more than a couple minutes, right?  So...instead of going to bed when I get off of work, I just stay awake until hubby gets home.  Got some coffee now, so hopefully I'll last longer than noon.  Seriously cuts into my sleep time, but I'm actually in a better mood.  Less prone to yell, curse, and throw things.  I just have to stay active to keep going, like at work.  So, we'll see how well that goes and how long it lasts!

We thought he had a tooth, turns out it was just a pearl, or a cyst, that many infants get.  Kid's still teething like crazy, only it seems worse, so....hopefully that's a good sign? 

But one thing we're sure of is that he's rolling from back to front now!  Just started that yesterday.  The first time, he did it, though, was on my shift (home).  He woke me up crying, as I made his bottle, his cries got muffled.  I thought he just had the blanket over his face.  But when I went into his room, he was face down, screaming in the corner.  I thought it was just a rage thing.  Flipped during his throws of hunger.  But then it kept doing it later for daddy, who was so excited to show me Lycan's new "trick".  Sadly, in my sleepiness I had just treated it like, "Yeah, seen it earlier."  But it's a big milestone for him, as he's been trying and trying since month 2!

Now he's wrestling with crawling; he's got all of the pieces....just not how they go together yet....  Daddy's sure he'll be crawling by the end of the month.

Just means no more extended unsupervised couch or bed time!  Soon it'll also mean having to vacuum and keeping the floor cleaner more often, too!  Not that the floor's super dirty, it's actually a lot better since we got rid of Bear, but still.  Little things that baby can and will put into his mouth will need to be picked up more often.  I really really don't my him to taste ferret bedding!

Although since working, I just haven't had the energy to clean.  Ugh.  Still.  Last week, on our days off, we tried cleaning.  Mostly him doing the dishes, laundry, and trash and taking care of the baby while I slept, it was something.  I plan on making healthy smoothie popsicles later, so hopefully that'll motivate me to clean the kitchen a little.  It's too small to be getting dirty!

For the smoothie pops, I'm just going to puree bananas and strawberries together then freeze them.  Some pops I'm going to add vanilla ice cream to, and others I'm going to put banana and apple together.  Or maybe strawberry and apple would be better than apple and banana?

Now introducing our newest "member" of the family:

Carlos the Chickadee!

Bought him this morning with my second check.  I'm going to smudge and charge him as an Anchor Ward.  Place him outside in our soon-to-be garden, so that he'll absorb any negative energy, ill wishes, or possibly curses that may come our way.  Since he'll be touching the ground, they'll be no need to charge him, because his touching/connection to the earth will do that for us.  Plus his gray colors will be perfect for neutralizing any negative energies. 

Chickadee is one of my Spirit Animals, plus there's a family living in the store that usually visit me, or land in front of me  (I'm just like, shouldn't you be in nest?).  While stocking seasonal, when I saw him, I knew he'd be a perfect addition!  The perfect little Guardian.

Although they also had Cardinals and Blue Jays.  I may also get the Blue Jay, charge him more with protection, whereas Carlos is more of a neutralizer.  Both are family oriented birds, who're very protective of their kin.  Most of us are familiar with how aggressive Blue Jays can be when one strays too close to their home tree.  Well, tough things can also come in small packages, as Chickadees are known for chasing off Hawks who come too close to their nests, too!


I think Lycan's blowing up his diaper.  So, with that, I'll just say something completely unrelated to the topic: I love the smell of clean diapers.  Is that strange?  There's an area in the back of the store that's just's one of my favorite locations.


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  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations to Lycan on rolling over! I bet he's scooting and creeping like crazy, huh?

    Carlos is a cutie. ^.^