Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Fairy Hunt

As a bottle lover, I bought a decorative rack of three bottles this morning.  And two waterproof LED lights.  I'm pretty excited.  Now the lights are too large for the bottles, but I've got others.  I've also got multi-colored glass beads and those water orb things, one generally uses for plants.

For the rack of bottles, I might make bottle shrines to Hecate, Hestia, and Hera...or to Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Sister Moon....haven't decided. 

As for the lights, I think I'm going to experiment with them, the beads, the orbs, and some water, and see what neat designs I can come up with.  Use it for ritual, an esbat, or maybe even a tribute to the Spirits or something.  I can feel those creative juices churning with a wave of Beluga's tail.

Tomorrow, I may purchase some LED lights on a string for a Fairy Lights (non pinter picture) idea.  Which gave me an idea for later when Lycan and future siblings are older (partially inspired from the light jars). A favorite summer past time for me is catching lightning bugs as the sun goes down with my friends.  So I was thinking about doing something like an Egg Hunt, especially on days that are rainy, cold, or if it's winter (might be a fun activity for Yule/Winter Solstice or the Summer Solstice; although can be done inside or out).

A Fairy Hunt!  Giving each kid a plastic jar with a lid so the fairy's can't get out.  Hiding individual LED lights around the house/yard--lit--so they can capture and collect them.  Then they'll have their own fairy jars. 

I guess one could just use the lights themselves, or if they're crafty, make fairy bodies and place the LED lights inside. 

Good idea, right?  Although the lights would just be sitting at the bottom of the jars, even the waterproof kind.  I guess one could decorate the jars with cotton, netting, or moss.  ...or just make a Fairy Lights Jar for their child.....and one would test to make sure the jar doesn't get too hot due to all of the lights, as I know some Christmas strings can get warm.  Especially if you use a plastic jar.  I just figured that a plastic jar would be safer for kids to use. 

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