Monday, April 1, 2013

Books and Foods

Ordered some books from Amazon last night, my goal was to get some children's books for our steadily growing kid library, but man, some of those prices were ridiculous. For children's books.  On Amazon.  Normally Amazon is cheap!  Not anymore!  Shit, I got the feeling that I'd get them cheaper on Barnes N Noble!  Not to mention that S&H really fucks you over too.  $4 even for something small.  What a rip.

A few years ago, it didn't used to be like that.  Shitty economy = jacking up the prices?  How much sense does that make?  But good economy = reasonable prices? 

I am thoroughly annoyed.  Only got one book for my little man: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.  I was going to get some board books.  Nope.  Too damn expensive.  Re-fucking-diculous.  Well, at least Lycan's godmom is an English Teacher, and she's big on books, just as I am.  I can always count on a book gift from her.  And my step mom is a member of Usborne Books.

I should've just went to Half Priced Books like I originally planned.

I know right now it doesn't really matter, but we do read to him.  Eventually, when he's old enough, we're going to encourage him to buy books over toys.  Hopefully instill that love of reading.


In other news, had a family get together on Saturday.  Took his pictures at the studio - he hated it, but the photographer was great and we still got some cute shots of him.  Grandma, my grandma, got a generational picture done at mom's.  And she started to say, "We gotta change his name..."  And I thought she was going to be a snarky bitch about it, until she finished with, " Jerry, because he looks just like him."  Good job, Grandma.  You were actually nice to me.  Sort of.  

Speaking of Jerry, my Uncle's a changed man.  Course almost going to prison for attempted murder will do that to a person.  He's more humble and family oriented.  He actually spent a lot of time interacting with my son, too.  It was cool.  


My mom started Lycan on rice cereal and baby food this weekend.  Too early you'd say?  Especially for the doctors and WIC who say to wait until 6 months? Whereas Gerber says 4, or until they're able to sit up on their own...  Both my brother and step brother started their daughters on cereal at 3 months.  Like my brother's daughter, Lycan's growing fast!  He's been so hungry lately.  Give him a bottle, until he's satisfied, and he gets a belly ache and throws most of it up, but then wants more.  Eats too much, blah, wants more, blah.  He cried all the time because he wasn't getting full, averaging 7-9 bottles a day.  It got so bad that my mom was wondering if he had colic or is lactose intolerant.  I'm slightly lactose intolerant and that was one of my problems when I was a baby. 

So...we've started him on 1st baby foods, like green beans (him loves, like his mommy), squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.  He's a happier kid for it, too.  Stay fuller longer.  Doesn't cry nearly as much.  He didn't have any trouble eating it either.  For the last couple weeks, he's been chewing on the nipple, even after graduating to 3-6 month nipples.  We used the spoon, he chewed (as much as a toothless baby can with pureed mush) and swallowed without a problem. 

We give him cereal in the morning, then a veggie at night, with bottles in between.  So far (four days in), he's doing well, both in temperament, digestion, bowel movements, and sleeping. 

Sometimes I don't think doctors take in their size or genetics.  He's 3 months old and is as big--though heavier--than his 8-month-old cousin.  He's not a fat baby, Lycan's very proportionate.  He's just thick.  He's a powerhouse like his dad.  We tried to explain this to his doctors, we give him such large bottles because he's always hungry, and the only thing they tell us is that we should only be giving him 2-4 oz.  Sometimes I wonder how many of these people have kids?  This "By the Book" stuff doesn't always work. 

Like I said, so far, so good.


He squealed for the first time today.  It was cute, and surprisingly at me.  Normally I have to work for a smile.  :-)  We're working with his hands more, so he's starting to get the hang of using them--the left more than the right. 


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  1. Yes, the prices for board books are insane! Had I thought I was going to have another child 10 years after my first, I would have saved all his books. Silly me. I had to buy "Goodnight Moon" all over again.

    I always get the Super Saver Shipping though, rather than pay for shipping at all. ;)

    The whole thing about solids, besides the ability to sit up, is whether or not the tongue thrust reflex is gone. If he's not shoving the solids out of his mouth, then he's fine.

    I know if I can delay solids until 6 months, I will. But if Ro shows signs of readiness before that and is acting super-hungry, then I'll let her try rice cereal. It's all about the baby's readiness, so don't let anyone give you a hard time.

    Oh my gosh, Ro's first squeal surprised me too! It was many weeks ago while I was changing her diaper. That's when she squeals most. I guess she likes naked time! But she doesn't laugh the way a normal baby does. Babies younger than her do a normal "ha ha ha" giggle. She does this loud gasp that sounds like she's struggling for air. Yet she's grinning. Weird baby...