Monday, March 11, 2013


You know, it's amazing watching him grow and change.  When he was born, Lycan looked a lot like me and my brother's daughter, Savannah.  Only he had his dad's big ole hands and feet and his Uncle Anthony's long fingers.

By month 1, he looked more like his dad, but with the hairline and dome of me, my brother, and my niece.

Around weeks 8 and 9, I started to see more of my Uncle Jerry in him.  Then, I found a picture of my brother when he was born and definitely saw the similarities:

Lycan ^, a couple weeks old.  My brother's newborn photo >.  Lycan's got his daddy's nose!  Me and my brother definitely share that big ole Tackett (dad's side) nose!  But Lycan has that same hairline and head shape. 

In week 10, even my dad commented that he looks a lot like my Uncle Jerry (mom's side).  I took a picture today that really shows the similarities!

It's crazy to me how much they look alike.  They even have that same butt chin.

As of 10 weeks, Lycan has mommy's dark blue eyes; Uncle Brandon's hairline; daddy's nose, mouth, hands, long torso, short legs, and feet; Uncle Anthony's long fingers; and Great Uncle Jerry's chin and forehead.

I give you, FRANKENBABY!   Or Lil'Gunnie after his Great Uncle Jerry "Gunny".  :-)  Be interesting if Lycan follows his footsteps and joins the Marines, too.  As my uncle said, "You know I think he looks like me also...he even has that chin..good luck if he is anything like I was!"


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