Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 Months of Milestones

Today Lycan is 3 months old!  3 months on momma's 29th birthday and Grandma Black's 53rd birthday (that's right, I was born on my mom's birthday).  Not going to lie, his milestone is overshadowing my me.  Eh, just another day for me.  Gotta get my license renewed before the end of the month, which my momma is gifting to me.  Hubby wanted to get me something small, but I'd much rather not have anything.  Instead I'd prefer to use that money for an outfit for Lycan for Saturday.   But hubby is making me a "surprise" dinner tonight.  Was going to be a surprise, except my BFF blew it yesterday...but he blew it first by not telling her that it was a surprise.

SURPRISE!  lol. 

Looking forward to this weekend.  Got a lot planned.  Going to my mom's on Friday, gonna have Lycan's first overnight.  Saturday, gonna have breakfast, license renewal, Milestone pictures at 9 am, then a family get together at 12 pm.  I'm excited for everyone to see Lycan.  Gonna see aunts and uncle's that I haven't seen a in a while.  Going to be celebrating a lot of things.  My son, my uncle not going to prison and divorcing his literally psychopath wife,, I guess that's it.  My cousin is giving me her queen-size bed frame though.

I know, real exciting.  Well, I'm excited.  It's hard being tall and having your bed sit on the floor. 

Leaving the kid with my mom, and we're going to a friend's house for some Easter partying.  They're all planning on getting smashed, but after going 37 weeks without alcohol, I mean, drinking and drinking to get drunk has lost its appeal for me.  I've drank since having Lycan.  There was a while when I was having a drink every night early on, but that's since past.  It wasn't anything hard, or wine, just champagne...I'm a lightweight, so it was perfect.  Plus it's Italian and the bottle looks like a gold-tipped penis.  Tastes like cake.  The champagne, not that phallic gold capped bottle.

So hardcore.

Then Sunday, before we pick up the kid from grandma's, he's going to have a Easter there.  Mom's making it special since for them it's his "First" Holiday.  Though for us, it's his second.

Depending on the weather, we're supposed to go to the zoo with my dad and step mom.  Hopefully it'll be nice and lovely and stroller friendly.  I'd much rather spend the day outside than in their home.  My dad's a smoker and I don't want my son to be around that.  Even if my dad's not smoking, house smells like an ash tray. 

Busy, busy, busy.  Okay, enough about our plans, here's what the Little Wolf has accomplished so far:

  • Birth (duh)
  • Loss of Umbilical Cord
  • Rollin from belly to back
  • Head and neck control
  • First bath
  • Smiling that toothless grin at daddy!
  • First round of vaccines
  • First fever...not enjoyable, but he was a trooper.
  • Almost able to sit up on his own and so close to rolling from back to belly!
  • Using daddy's belly as support, Lycan stood up by himself.
  • First laugh, because daddy's goofy!
  • Started sleeping through the night by weeks 11 and 12.
  • First Sabbat ~ Spring Equinox ~ Grams Black gifted him with a Jumper, Night Light, and High Chair; Grams Tackett gifted him with a Dresser.
  • Blew his first razzberry before blowing up his diaper.  Yeah!  It was hilarious.
  • Master of Back Scootin

Looking forward to his future.  Next photo op is going to be with my dad's side at 6 months.


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