Thursday, March 28, 2013

3 Months of Milestones

Today Lycan is 3 months old!  3 months on momma's 29th birthday and Grandma Black's 53rd birthday (that's right, I was born on my mom's birthday).  Not going to lie, his milestone is overshadowing my me.  Eh, just another day for me.  Gotta get my license renewed before the end of the month, which my momma is gifting to me.  Hubby wanted to get me something small, but I'd much rather not have anything.  Instead I'd prefer to use that money for an outfit for Lycan for Saturday.   But hubby is making me a "surprise" dinner tonight.  Was going to be a surprise, except my BFF blew it yesterday...but he blew it first by not telling her that it was a surprise.

SURPRISE!  lol. 

Looking forward to this weekend.  Got a lot planned.  Going to my mom's on Friday, gonna have Lycan's first overnight.  Saturday, gonna have breakfast, license renewal, Milestone pictures at 9 am, then a family get together at 12 pm.  I'm excited for everyone to see Lycan.  Gonna see aunts and uncle's that I haven't seen a in a while.  Going to be celebrating a lot of things.  My son, my uncle not going to prison and divorcing his literally psychopath wife,, I guess that's it.  My cousin is giving me her queen-size bed frame though.

I know, real exciting.  Well, I'm excited.  It's hard being tall and having your bed sit on the floor. 

Leaving the kid with my mom, and we're going to a friend's house for some Easter partying.  They're all planning on getting smashed, but after going 37 weeks without alcohol, I mean, drinking and drinking to get drunk has lost its appeal for me.  I've drank since having Lycan.  There was a while when I was having a drink every night early on, but that's since past.  It wasn't anything hard, or wine, just champagne...I'm a lightweight, so it was perfect.  Plus it's Italian and the bottle looks like a gold-tipped penis.  Tastes like cake.  The champagne, not that phallic gold capped bottle.

So hardcore.

Then Sunday, before we pick up the kid from grandma's, he's going to have a Easter there.  Mom's making it special since for them it's his "First" Holiday.  Though for us, it's his second.

Depending on the weather, we're supposed to go to the zoo with my dad and step mom.  Hopefully it'll be nice and lovely and stroller friendly.  I'd much rather spend the day outside than in their home.  My dad's a smoker and I don't want my son to be around that.  Even if my dad's not smoking, house smells like an ash tray. 

Busy, busy, busy.  Okay, enough about our plans, here's what the Little Wolf has accomplished so far:

  • Birth (duh)
  • Loss of Umbilical Cord
  • Rollin from belly to back
  • Head and neck control
  • First bath
  • Smiling that toothless grin at daddy!
  • First round of vaccines
  • First fever...not enjoyable, but he was a trooper.
  • Almost able to sit up on his own and so close to rolling from back to belly!
  • Using daddy's belly as support, Lycan stood up by himself.
  • First laugh, because daddy's goofy!
  • Started sleeping through the night by weeks 11 and 12.
  • First Sabbat ~ Spring Equinox ~ Grams Black gifted him with a Jumper, Night Light, and High Chair; Grams Tackett gifted him with a Dresser.
  • Blew his first razzberry before blowing up his diaper.  Yeah!  It was hilarious.
  • Master of Back Scootin

Looking forward to his future.  Next photo op is going to be with my dad's side at 6 months.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blessed Spring!

Pagan Blog Prompts wonders:

Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox was just celebrated yesterday by many Pagans in the Northern Hemisphere. Today's prompt is all about Ostara. How do you celebrate it? Do you have any certain traditions or themes you focus on? What does Ostara mean to you?

For the Solstices and Equinox, I celebrate them for 3 days, like Esbats.  So I can usually get a lot done.  In this case, I'm utilizing the three days, coming up with family traditions (our son is a great inspiration!); it's a work in progress, but luckily I have some odd years until he's able to actually partake and enjoy the sabbats.

Month of March: Various arts and crafts; teaching of spring and growth.  Learning about the symbolism and animals associated.  Prepare for gardening, like making green houses or carton pots.  Having our kids do some inner reflection concerning Spring.  Egg magik.  Dyeing eggs.  Making treats for wildlife. 

Day 1: All about Spring Cleaning.  Start the morning with eggs--good protein breakfast and they're eggs--a major symbol of the Spring season.  We clean the crap out of our home, even giving the vacuum cleaner wipe down, inside and out.  Light a candle or oil burner for Hestia, don on a veil, and go!  Dust, straighten, organize, switch, toss out, donate, sweep, mop, vacuum.  Toss out the garbage.  Shift the shrines and altars to suit the season (if they haven't been done already).  End the night with take-out, although last night, I had the energy and inspiration to bake some Lemon Poppy Crisps, Cheddar Jack and Bacon Chicken, Herb and Butter Mashed Potatoes, and Corn.  It was tasty tasty.

Day 2: Another Spring inspired breakfast, even if the pancakes/toast are cookie cuttered into fun shapes.  Finish what you didn't get to yesterday.   Egg hunt.  Spiritual cleansing of body and home.  Re-charging of the wards.  Day 2 and 3 can be a mix of gardening, crafting, hiking, and so on.  Don't have a set schedule, plus it would also depend on weather!  Seasonal dinner.

Day 3:  Ritual, rededication to Hestia (for me), and a seasonal feast.  Giving of offerings to our Deities and Spirits. 

I think I'm going to learn how to make Rabbit Stew and make that one of our traditional eats, depending on if everyone likes rabbit.  I remember not liking it when I was younger, but then that was mainly due to biting into buck shot.  Same reason why I don't care for squirrel.  Add some honey bread to that short list.  But along with Cabbage Soup, I've just been craving Rabbit Stew and I've never even had it.  Weird, right?

I don't think that we'll be doing baskets of sweets and small gifts from the "Easter Bunny", nor will we take our children to the mall to have their pictures done.  I'd rather take them to the zoo, a park, or even a pet store to see some rabbits.  Like Christmas, Easter is more about family tradition and the children in my family.  Although my husband and I don't celebrate those two days, as typed, our families do and there is no not involving our children in those days.  Remember, no religious aspect, although I don't have a problem with teaching them about those aspects, out of respect.  My mom already has a plan for our son's Easter Basket.  Sweets for us, infant gifts for him.  BUT I don't know that I'm okay with the having pictures done with Santa or the Easter Bunny.  WE certainly won't be taking them, but in our home, Odin's probably going to be taking the place of Santa.

Plus I'm down with any day that brings the families together.  Since none of them will celebrate our Sabbats with us, I enjoy getting together with them for socialization and feasting for "their" holidays.

I want our dinner to be different than what's traditionally made on Easter: Ham, being the main component.  Green bean casserole, too, and deviled eggs.

That being said, the Spring Equinox is all about the season for me.  It's about the transition from winter to summer.  From cold, brown, and frozen to warm, budding, and wet.  Longer days and shorter nights.  Energy.  Shedding of our winter coats.  It's about fertilization, since things generally don't start budding and blooming until May here in Central Ohio (May Day is mainly about flowers, growth, birth, and so on - many of the aspects people often associate with Spring, for me, is celebrated on May 1st).  Spring is about beginnings.  Cleansings.  The Spring Equinox is also a day (3) that I associate with Hestia, due to cleaning of the house and self.  It's important for me to renew my dedication to Her. 

 The Shrines consists of:
  • Deer Antlers - Nature
  • Moon Card and trinket - Sister Moon
  • Empress Card (behind the maiden) - Fertility
  • Sun Card  - Father Sun
  • Sun Charm
  • Spring Maiden
  • Rabbit
  • Grasshopper (generally assocaited with Summer, but the Spirit within just appealed to me)
  • Yellow Candle (Sun)
  • Green Candle (Earth)
  • Ivory Candle (Moon)
  • Yellow Cloth (couldn't find my green altar cloth, I think the Fae may have taken it)
  • Venus of Wilendorf (to the far right in the top photo) ~ Earth and Fertility.

This is also our son's first Sabbat, and of course you want it to be special....but how special can it be if he's not old enough to really enjoy it?  He's only 12 weeks old (tomorrow).  Hasn't noticed his hands or his toys.  However, he's more interested in...standing.  Moving around.  I swear this kid wants to skip crawling and go straight to walking!  Therefore my mom got him a jumper/entertainer yesterday.  And what a wonderful gift it is!  He's able to practice sitting up, holding his head up, and exercising his legs.  Day two, some blankets for support and a box to stand on, and so far it's the best gift we've received, made even more special that it was given on the Equinox. 

How was your Sabbat?

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Monday, March 11, 2013


You know, it's amazing watching him grow and change.  When he was born, Lycan looked a lot like me and my brother's daughter, Savannah.  Only he had his dad's big ole hands and feet and his Uncle Anthony's long fingers.

By month 1, he looked more like his dad, but with the hairline and dome of me, my brother, and my niece.

Around weeks 8 and 9, I started to see more of my Uncle Jerry in him.  Then, I found a picture of my brother when he was born and definitely saw the similarities:

Lycan ^, a couple weeks old.  My brother's newborn photo >.  Lycan's got his daddy's nose!  Me and my brother definitely share that big ole Tackett (dad's side) nose!  But Lycan has that same hairline and head shape. 

In week 10, even my dad commented that he looks a lot like my Uncle Jerry (mom's side).  I took a picture today that really shows the similarities!

It's crazy to me how much they look alike.  They even have that same butt chin.

As of 10 weeks, Lycan has mommy's dark blue eyes; Uncle Brandon's hairline; daddy's nose, mouth, hands, long torso, short legs, and feet; Uncle Anthony's long fingers; and Great Uncle Jerry's chin and forehead.

I give you, FRANKENBABY!   Or Lil'Gunnie after his Great Uncle Jerry "Gunny".  :-)  Be interesting if Lycan follows his footsteps and joins the Marines, too.  As my uncle said, "You know I think he looks like me also...he even has that chin..good luck if he is anything like I was!"