Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Life and Times of my Vagina

I'm so glad that I have that check up in less than a week.  Things did not heal as planned, I think.  That bump is...weird.  I went to wipe and notice it was sticking up like a horn or something.  I dunno how to explain it and haven't been able to find any odd vaginal healings on the internet.  But then, since I don't know how to word it, perhaps that's why I'm not able to find it? 

I pushed on the bump and it went back down but, I dunno.  Shit is strange.  Makes me wish my appointment was tomorrow so I know what the fuck's going on down there.  I'm just wondering if I'm going to need surgery to correct it or something.  Something definitely isn't right about my vaginal canal/perineum.

Oh, I think it might be vaginal prolapse.  Goddess, I hope not.  What the fuck?  But it sounds like what's going on down there.  Why the fuck can't anything ever be normal for me? 

I need to stop looking at this shit, it's making me depressed.  Hope I'm just jumping the gun here and that's not what's going on here at all, dude.  Ugh!

Looking at the pictures, those bumps are coming from the vaginal canal, and mine's pressing against the perineum.  I dunno, I need to stop.  Get my mind off of this shit, and hope that my gosh damn insurance goes through if I need this surgery. 

Oh, and this morning, the bottle clogged, so instead of getting up for a new nipple, I squeezed and decided to suck a little out.  Oh, no, I got a mouth full and spit majority of that shit out.  Formula is disgusting, it's a wonder he's keeping it down at all.  The taste stayed in the back of my throat, too, for HOURS.  I was nauseous, literally on the verge of vomiting, all this morning and afternoon.  Foul, man.  


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