Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spreading the Joy

While looking at the dinosaurs on Lycan's onesie the other day, I began to think about toys.  Both my husband and I kept our favorite toys from when we were young, with plans of passing them onto our kids when they're old enough.  I still have all of my dinosaurs, Lion King, X-Men, Webkinz (yeah I was into that phase as a college kid), and My Little Ponies (from the 80's and 90's), and hubby has wrestling and Dragon Ball Z figurines, too.  We took very good care of our toys, me more so than him. 

I cared a lot about my toys, as a kid and as an adult. 

Some of my dinosaurs are toddler safe, and I was thinking about when I'll be able to pass them onto him.  Suddenly, I felt a lot like teenager Andy from Toy Story 3 (a favorite movie trilogy).  His apprehension in passing his favorites onto that little girl.  Even though he's not going to play with them as often--I'm almost 29-years-old and I still play with some toys once in a while (I still watch cartoons, too).  Heck, in looking at toys today, shoot, there will probably be time when mommy and daddy play with the kids toys after they've gone to bed!  Have you seen some of today's toys?  They're cool!  Even the toddler toys! 

So yeah, in my mind, I thought that the key scene of him resisting at first.  Then realizing that a toy's purpose isn't to be packed away, but to be played with.  He knew the little girl was going to take good care of them.  And...let them go.  Even his most favorite, Woody. 

I guess all parents, even those of inanimate objects (which were often a child's best friend), need to let go once and a while.  Pass the torch.  Let your kids enjoy the toys as much as you did.  Or so that's the hope.  I also hope that our children will take care of them.

Though a little apprehensive myself, I'm looking forward to the day that he's old enough to enjoy some of our childhood favorites. 


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