Sunday, February 10, 2013

Practical Thinking

I'm loving that swing my mom got Lycan.  He was just having one of those moments where he wanted to be held, wasn't happy with me sitting, wanted to be rocked, AND to have something interesting to look at.  Apparently interesting was him looking at the blinds.

Put him in the swing, he's being held, is moving, and has a moving monkey mobile and a mirror to look at, plus soothing music.  He was asleep for a little bit, but I had to turn off the swinging part (I don't like leaving him swinging for more than 30 minutes), but now daddy's home and he's awake! 

As my mom said, it's the Mac Daddy of swings....well, would be if it vibrated.  But it has 4 different sounds, multi-speed swing, and swings 2 different ways in 3 directions.

I actually didn't want it, I wanted something smaller and more apartment friendly, although it does fold a little so you can carry it down the hallway.  I wanted a bouncer, something I could put on the table or at my feet.  But she loved it and is pretty proud of herself.  He does enjoy it, and so do I.

Yesterday she was over, and I was telling her how, with the refund, we wanted to get him a walker or a entertainer, something to help him develop hand-eye coordination and those leg muscles.  (We decided on the entertainer because I don't know how well those walkers move around on carpet,)  She's opted to buy it for us.  Okay, cool.  She was dead set on getting him a bouncer, too, with vibration...(if she'd listened....but it's cool.)  I told her that I'd rather have the entertainer and a high chair, simply because he's only going to use the swing and the bouncer for a few more weeks, need to think ahead, especially with how fast he's growing.  6 weeks old and already in 3-6 month clothes!  And he's strong as an ox, I want to exercise him more than just floor routines.  He's going to be supporting his watermelon head here soon!

"I'd never thought of that.  Look at you, thinking about the future!"

Yeah and about apartment size!  With the high chair, it's compact, slender, folds, and has wheels.  I've already got a place for it, too.  Plus the tray is dishwasher safe and the....brain fart...cushion is machine washable.  Practical, too, right?  There's a lot of cool baby things out there, but ya gotta think about certain things like:

  •  Size and how large your space is.  It the item bulky?  Can it be easily moved?  Easily stored?
  • Cleaning?  Can it be easily cleaned?  Like my George Foreman Grill, I love cooking with it, but I hate cleaning it.  Wish I could just take it apart and put the grill in the sink or the dishwasher.  Same principle here, can you detach parts of it for easy cleaning?   
  • Time?  Is it worth owning/paying some price for the time that your kid will use it?  Maybe you can get something else for the future? 
  • Can it be easily assembled?  What tools would you need?  
  • Batteries? 

And there's lots more to think about, but I'm not listing it.  Each person's going to have their own concerns.  From new parent to veteran, poor to rich.  Something you won't think about until after, or perhaps you'll have more or different concerns with your next kid?

It's also important to know that just because you love something, doesn't mean your kid will.  So maybe dropping hundreds on that toy or device isn't that best of ideas (maybe buying new isn't the best idea?  Some used items are just as good and generally cheaper and often in great condition).  Be sure that you check the return policy and keep those receipts and boxes!  If not, see if there's a buy back place nearby, like a Once Upon a Child, or donate.  After we get our use from this stuff (if it lasts that long) mostly likely, we're going to donate it.  

Shop around, comparing not just prices, but also features.  Check out customer reviews, that sort of thing.  Most likely you're not new to shopping, but sometimes things slip the mind....especially when you're inexperienced.  :-)

In the coming of the warmer months, I'll let ya know about how I like my jogger (3-wheeled stroller).


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