Thursday, February 28, 2013


Baby boy is 2 months today, his measurements are: 23 inches long, 12 lbs 12 oz.  Seems like he should be bigger than he is....  The kid has almost outgrown his swing!  We love the damn thing, it's great when he's fussy and/or tired, and is in no mood to exercise!  Just strap him in and turn it on!  He loves it, too.  He's already outgrown the Cozy Cover on his car seat, which I'm kind of happy about, because he can see more of the world, instead of just the ivory inside of a warm, water proof cover. 

And by outgrown I mean, the cover's laying against his face.  Not cool with momma.  Now it's off and we can utilize the...crap what's it called?  That hood thing.  Car seat awning, I dunno.  But we can use that, and one of the afghans (from family) to drape over it. 

Wish we could've got a better picture because he got 3 shots today.  2 in his left, 1 in his right, and some oral medication.  Was not having it!  Although I cried a little, and hubby got all glossy eyed.  No normal person enjoys seeing their kid in pain, even from a shot.  Needless to say, he's been sleeping for the most part.  My SIL said that her twins slept a lot after their shots, so hopefully, Lycan will, too.  Just in case, we bought him some infant pain reliever.  Please no swelling, diarrhea, or fevers!

Next doctor's appointment--and round of shots--is in two months.  Once again, I'm excited to see his measurements....not so much for his shots. But before then, I'm really excited about his first sabbat in March: The Spring Equinox! 

We're really hoping that it'll be warm enough to take him to our favorite park.  Try out his stroller, too.  Hopefully that won't be disappointing.  Not happy about some of the reviews I read online, but those were only few.  Apparently Baby Trend is alright if it's still on the shelves.  But if not, we'll exchange it. 

Baby's first holiday, so there's not a lot he'll be able to do or remember, but I'd still like to show him things through sight and touch.  Plus, make a nice dinner for us, offerings for the Spirits, and a ritual.  Until then, I'm collecting arts and crafts in a binder for when he (and his future siblings) is older. 

Tara Dennis: Egg Tree Ostara Crafts
She Knows Parenting: Spring Egg Crafts
DLTK: Easter Egg Crafts for Kids
Make: Craft: Host a Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt
Instructables: String Easter Eggs

One of the things I like about some of the Christian holiday's are the many--often universal--Pagan symbols.  Even though we don't celebrate Easter, we can still do somethings like the decorations, the crafts, and the egg hunts.  My mom is already planning on making him an Easter basket, but in my family, like Christmas, Easter is more of tradition--something for the kids--and less about religion.  Whereas the Spring Equinox will be more about spirituality--done in a way to teach the kids about nature and growth (well, SE and May Day).   I'll elaborate more on this idea later, when I have my thoughts in better order. 

Right now, I need to spend some baby time with my little boy.  Too bad he's too young for chicken soup!  As hubby said, "Too bad there's not a comfort food for babies...."


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