Friday, February 8, 2013

In More Pleasant News...

Lycan is 6 weeks today and that little kid is determined to roll over!  He's got it, from belly to back, but hasn't figured out that if he rolls his head, he can go from back to belly.  At least he's got the hip movement down, after only days since the previous milestone.  Figure after this feat, he'll be tackling crawling next.

And he was awake for 6 hours today, too.  Just trying to figure stuff out.  Still working on his days and nights.  Bedtime, we turn off the lights and turn down the volume on the television in the bedroom, talk to him in soft voices, and limit our interaction.  Though it's hard, I've still got that new parent syndrome, with wanting to check on him with every noise he makes.  Every since he choked on his spit a couple of weeks ago, I've been a little on edge.  But now that he's cooing, I've had to force myself to chill out.  Let this kid figure stuff out on his own and for me for trust that he can.  Not every noise is one of distress!

It's hard, and I think that the miscarriage has something to do with it.  SID's is on my mind a lot, too, because of the miscarriage.  I'm chilling out day-by-day, but it's still difficult.  Just gotta have a little bit of faith, is all.  I'm also a worry wort, but I'm getting better!

As for the day, I've been letting in some sunlight, or turning on lights, as well as turning the TV or music volume up.  We're more active, and do his daily exercises.  We talked more and louder.  Simple things like that....well, simple and easily taken for granted.  :-)

My mom's coming tomorrow for some Baby Time (hopefully he'll have a repeat performance tomorrow for her!), and to give momma a bit of a break, but I'm adjusting to parent life easier than I thought.  Although I think as he becomes more active, I'm going to be longing for these early days of napping more often.  BUT hopefully him being more active, will mean him sleeping longer through the night, which will be a more natural time of sleeping.  Right?  Well, I can dream, can't I?  I mean, I know eventually that'll happen, just wish people would stop asking me if he's sleeping through the night, yet.  It's getting my hopes up!

Eventually he'll do it, right?  Like sooner than later?!?!?!

Just kidding.  Sleep when the baby sleeps!   Like I should be doing right now...  I remember why I'm not sleeping now, aside from it being hard for me to sleep past noon, I'm hungry.  I should probably get my grub on before he decides it's time to get his, too.


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