Thursday, February 14, 2013


Yay, sex!  I'll spare you the details....  ;-)  except that it was awesome and I feel a lot better about life.  Apparently, second time's a charm!

Part of being a parent, we've realized, is being excited to buy our son toys that will help him learn.  The other day we stopped by the baby department at Meijer and bought him a hooded towel (with turtles), a nightlight (just in case he needs it), and a play mat.  We have a beautiful hand-made pond themed blanket that he put him on for exercise and tummy time, but we wanted something with more stimulation, bright colors, music, over hanging toys, things to grab onto, and a mirror.  It's too early to tell, but he seems to like one toy.  It's a spiral with beads.  He just focuses on it and seems to try to grab it.  We're hoping it'll help him figure out this whole rolling from back to tummy (since he already knows how to do it the opposite way).  So far, he's just grabbing and pulling himself along the floor.  He's got back scootin down.  Back Scootin Boogie, as I call it. 

I can't wait for him to get more active and interested in toys and games and books.  I'm a book worm, we're hoping to imbue that same love of reading in our children.  My BFF's parents always encouraged her and her brother to read when they were kids.  If they brought a toy to buy, majority of the time they were told no.  But a book was almost always a yes.  We're going to try that method.  

Before leaving, I made a beeline for my favorite section (and I hope it to be his favorite too), the books!  Went to the Baby Books and was drawn to a board book with two polar bears dancing under the moonlight, called On the Night You Were Born.  Flipping through, I fell in love with the artwork and the moon presence on every page.  The story is also pretty, too.  Hubby loved the message, so we bought Lycan his first book. 

Haven't read it to him yet, but I'll get around to it.  Right now, I'm just focusing on our "conversations", singing random songs, and an odd thing about my voice.  I have a deeper voice, sometimes I sound like my mom, but when I talk to him, my voice gets higher.  Like when my mom talks to her cats (she's the crazy cat lady btw).  Before Lycan I tried this voice when talking to her cats and I just couldn't do it....but now I can.  Weird mommy thing, I guess.  I was reading about it in What to Expect: The First Year and I guess it's kind of normal for that to happen.  For some mom's anyway.

Oh, it is warmer yet?  I'm really looking forward to spring and summer, when we'll be able to put him in his jogger and show him our favorite park (Darby)!  Hopefully it'll be nice enough on the Spring Equinox to take him.  Hopefully.  There are lots of parks we're going to take him to this year--all of our favorite places....though some we won't be able--well, I won't, I'll be stroller bound!

Happy to report, we gave Lycan his first real bath last week and he liked it.  I'm so glad he likes water.  I'm a water baby and hubby is not.  There have been summer days that I've spent all day long swimming in pools.  My nickname is Orca for a reason.  However, daddy's like a rock in the water.  He can swim, just not very well.  Doesn't really care for swimming at all.  Hopefully this is a sign that Lycan, mommy's little Sea Goat (he's a Capricorn), loves the water, bath time, and swimming, too!


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