Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Roughly 8 Weeks Left...

Ugh, today was just a day that I wanted to lay in bed and not do anything.  But alas, I got up late, around 1 or 2 pm, when I normally eat breakfast around 11, 11:30 (or earlier).  Whoops.  So that threw my eating schedule out of whack, which for diabetes it's important to be on one.  Ended up eating around 2.  Then on Facebook, I was thrown into a tangent about this ridiculous War of Christmas and ranted about that for a couple hours (which I'm done with now, I shant be ranting about it at all this month because that's not the reason for the season!), but I missed testing my BS.  And I've just eaten my pre-lunch snack at 6:15 pm.  So everything's out of whack.  ::sigh::

Depending on how hungry I am, I may just turn lunch into dinner, and eat a pm snack instead of trying to play catch up. 

It's taken discipline to eat right, not pig out, and to even get on a schedule.  Blah.  Hopefully there's only roughly 8 weeks left.  Even though I can't have pancakes like I'm craving, mommy's making me Bahama Mama's and saur kraut on the 25th.  Yum. 

Man, I want some pancakes....

Yesterday was my three (out of four) appointments for this week.  They checked my logs, and I had different doctors who, even though I think I'm doing great, scolded me a bit with cutting back on my carbs.  And even mentioned insulin.  The last doctor I had didn't see a problem, and was even impressed that I'm doing well, but not these doctors.  Like, what the fuck?  This shit's confusing.  Am I doing good, or am I not?  I'm keeping my BS between 89 and 125, it's 5 points over, but even my end-of-the-world diabetic teacher said that going over sometimes was going to happen.  Last week, I only had two high spikes, a 140 and a 150.  But I was able to get them back down.  I don't get this shit sometimes. 

Last time I checked, it's wasn't good to stress out a pregnant woman.  Next pregnancy, we're having health insurance before, hopefully no clinic for us.  I would like to have one doctor.  One personality, please!

They listened to his heartbeat, which Lycan kicked the device.  Good boy.  His heart is strong and normal.  And he's clearly responsive.   (and I'm doing my fetal counts)

Later, I had my stress test, which he did well on.  No need to buzz him.  He was awake and moving, which was fun for us because we got to watch those tummy sensors move about. 

Then had my ultrasound, which he was good on, too.  He's head down, but refused to show us his face.  Eh, he was cooperative most of the day.  Can't get too mad, seems like he wants to save his face for his birthday.  But I have another ultrasound on January 3rd, unless, obviously he decides it's time.  (which I'm really hoping that he's not born on the Solstice, Christmas, or New Year's, because I want him to have his own day, but if it happens, it happens; as long as we're healthy and happy). 

Lycan's 5 lbs and is in the 63rd percentile.  Even with their knowledge of my GD, my sonographers aren't worried about his size or weight, which I'm sure next week, my doctors are going to flip out about it and probably start me on insulin.  Depending on who I have.

Now I'm up to three appointments a week.  Two on Tuesdays and one on Fridays. I knew it was going to increase, I just didn't realize it would be so soon.

Oh, yeah, funny thing we did to pass the time...and waste a lot of their paper towels in the examination room, hubby and I batted balls of paper at each other.  I guess this is what people do who don't have super phones.  We make a mess.  It was fun.  Especially when he bonked his head on a stir up--getting a ball--and I, for some reason, thought it was the funniest thing and couldn't stop laughing.  Actually had tears and snot of joy, instead of depressed GD worries.  A nice change. 

But tomorrow I'll be 34 weeks preggo!  Yay!  Soon my vaginal and hip discomforts will be a thing of the past, replaced by boob soreness and lack of sleep!  Placenta will be gone, hormones will be normal-ish, and hopefully my GD will fade into nothing.  Oh, and I'll be able to have sex again.  And of course, sushi.  Though I think I'm craving chocolate more right now...and peppermint. 


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  1. Facebook. Blech! I get so sick of those "Wah wah wah, Christmas" posts. Though I suppose the election was worse...

    Ah, almost there. Soon, there will be a little Lycan and, yup, no more of all this other stuff that is sooo much fun. ;)

    Love the paper-ball battle! I don't have an iPod Touch or a tablet or a cell phone, so I bring this thing called a "book" to the waiting room with me.