Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gettin the Point Across

Tell me why I yelled at a woman in the welfare office today.  I had to get through and said, "Excuse me" and everything.  She leaned forward a little bit.  She didn't even move her chair.

"Ma'am, you need to move."
"Just suck it in."
"I'm 8 months pregnant, there is no 'sucking it in'.  So either lose a shit ton of weight right now or move your fucking fat lazy ass out of my way."

Aries + Hormones + Bitchy People does not equal a nice Witchfire.  I said it loud, dude.  Everyone in the room was staring.  I was pissed.  Like, are you, are you serious?  Clearly I'm pregnant.  But it's cool, I can just pop out my baby and squeeze through to not bother you, even though you and your gut are blocking the way.  It's cool.  I understand. 

Bitch huffed and puffed and moved.  Then I thanked her with a sweet smile, and went about my day.

Other than that, my day's been pretty good.  No bitchy nurses, no bitchy doctors.  Just happiness.  Happiness, more sleep, crotch punches, and Braxon Hicks.  Oh and incontinence.  This morning, for the cup, I couldn't stop the flow.  Me and the pee cup just don't get along.  Think I need to get back on my kegel exercises.  Then I coughed and peed a little at the welfare office.  Oh, then someone's sick kid threw up and that started my gagging.  Good thing I only had water, vitamins, and yogurt in my stomach.  Could've gotten ugly, especially since there were other preggos there, too; had the power of starting a domino effect of vomiting.

Doctor was impressed with my weight (gained what I was supposed to) and sugar levels--only had one high spike (130) which was last night.  She said that my glyburide could go up to 10 mgs, if needed.  Never even mentioned insulin, unlike the last doctors who were all apocalyptic about it.  Now I know and knowings half the battle.  

Although the percentage of women who get diabetes after pregnancy keeps increasing.  Before and online, it's 90-95% of women don't get diabetes, to now 50% of women get it.  Like, which is it?  I almost feel like if I was average weight I wouldn't be hearing these crazy numbers.  Or that crazy "stillborn's are rare, but you're at a higher risk of it happening".  Which is it?  Rare or not?  I didn't fail English, but apparently you did.  I know what rare means. 

Oh yeah, and last week the sonographer said that Lycan was in the 63rd percentile.  Today, the doctor told me 69th.  What the fuck?  It is just me and my dyslexia, or are yall a little dyslexic, too?  It makes sense if I'm hearing things wrong, isn't the first time.  But yall are supposed to know what you're talking about, my chart's right there in front of you.

Numbers aside, I have to go back 6 weeks after he's born for a 2 hour sugar test to see if I have diabetes.  Fingers crossed that I'm not one of those who do.  Today's not over yet, still got another stress test later.  Gonna try to catch a nap before then. 


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