Sunday, December 2, 2012


Man, sometimes pregnancy is weird and gross!  So vaginal discharge, right?  I've been having the typical lubey discharge, but lately since I've started my 8th month, it's increased in volume and in...consistency?  Like, I just wiped and what can only be described a vaginal snot was on my toilet paper.  It was like a big ole milky white, slightly cold to the touch (yes, I touched it), booger.  I'm aware of what the mucus plug is and looks like, so I'm not too worried about that, since some sites and forum's have said that it's okay if it's just a little and often does increase late in pregnancy.  But still.  Gross.

When she was pregnant with me, my mom actually lost hers at 5 months (and I was a day early from my due date). 

Good thing I'm seeing my doctor on Tuesday.  I can bring it up then, unless something changes.  8th month has yielded some interesting things.  First I experienced Braxton Hicks early Friday morning.  That was strange, felt like one giant stomach cramp that stretched all across my stomach, and my uterus got really hard.  It was an uncomfortable sensation that lasted for a couple of minutes, even with walking around!  The first thing I did was drink lots of water before it even hit me what was going on.  But I stayed awake a little longer to see if it happened again.

And I learned during my Stress Test that he's like a fish right now.  Swimming around and swallowing his own pee.  Ha, and when he--his little stubborn butt--wouldn't perform right, the tech buzzed him with a device to scare him and get his heart rate to spike to 160 for 15 seconds.  She had to buzz a few times until she found the sweet spot.  Found it she did, as soon as she buzzed, he kicked the device!  It was funny.  

The ladies haven't started leaking yet, I keep wondering when that's going to happen.  Means I'll have to start wearing bras again.  But I'm looking forward to it. 

Today, I exchanged the fall decorations for the winter ones, as well as brought some more baby stuff into the kitchen, like his bottles and snack containers.  Everything's in transition right now; not just me, and all of these weird ass and often gross changes that come with pregnancy (not to mention the weird things that nipples do during the process.....nipples are quite strange!). 


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  1. Oh yeah, the cervical fluid does tend to snotify closer to the end. It's gross, but one of those weirdly exciting things, because it tells you you're in the home stretch.

    Isn't the swallowing/peeing cycle kind of gross too? Heh. When I mentioned that to my husband, that was his reaction. ;)

    You know... With my first pregnancy, I had colostrum leaking since the 4th or 5th month. With this one? I noticed a drop here or there in the 7th month, but nothing like with my first. Still, I have a box of breast pads ready, just in case.

    Yup, pregnancy brings on all the icky new fluids, inside and out, eh?

    I guess I should take down my fall and Samhain decorations this week... *sigh*