Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cleanliness is Hestia-ness

I'm cleaning!  But not out of nesting reasons (at least I don't think so, like I'm not manic about it).  It's 12.12.12 and although I don't think it has any seriously spiritual significance, I figured I like 3 and 12, might as well do something for it.  Ain't got the peace of mind to meditate, nor the energy to do a ritual, yet....I have the energy to clean....What?  Eh, I'm a Kitchen Witch, cleaning IS more than a chore for me.  And I've got a candle burning for my Matron, Hestia.  Which, She probably has a hand in all of this....

Spiritual Cleansing:
  • Burning Dragon's Blood Oil: Back in August, I wrote a post about Preggo Safe Smudges.  Normally I smudge with a sage stick every 3 months.  For the last 8-9 months, I haven't done that, because some say that Sage is bad for ya, and not wanting to test it out and see if I'm one of many women who have no problems with it, I decided to look for other ways of cleansing, like Oil Burning.  Instead of risk burning myself by walking around with hot oil, I just sit the oil in a room for a little while and let it do its thing, which for Dragon's Blood, is space clearing.  Gotta clear out the negativity and built up residual!  I've already noticed a change in Lycan's room, it's a lot nicer now.  My burner is currantly in the room that doesn't need it as much, the Kitchen.  Luckily it being a small apartment, the scent is spreading throughout the house.  The next room will be the dining/living room, then our room, and probably the back room.  
  • Ancestral / Spirit / Deity Candles Burning.  How's that a cleansing?  Eh, keeps em happy.  It's one of my ways of giving offerings to them, through dedication of a candles and burning them.  
  • Bread Offering.  I'm going to do this in a little bit, which is just tossing bread and seed to the Nature Spirits on our property.  
  • Opened up the blinds - sunlight is a great tool for clearing out any nasty energy, too.  

Physical Cleansing:
  • Opened up a couple of the windows (after turning off the heat); keeps me cool, since I'm working up a sweat, and airs out the apartment.  It's not too chilly for it.
  • Put baking soda on the carpets
  • Swept and mopped the floors
  • Emptied and loaded the dish washer
  • Wiped the counter tops, stove, and sink
  • Vacuumed (which I only have the dinning and living rooms left, takin a break)
  • Febreezed the carpets, fabrics (we don't have a washer/dryer yet), and the sofas.
  • Pick up clothes.  For some reason my husband ALWAYS misses the basket with his dirty clothes.  There's a pile AROUND the hamper.  I don't get it.  Then when I do put them in the basket, the next day, all of the clothes are out because he was looking for something.  But he can't seem to put them all back.  It's frustrating. 
  • Straighten up
  • Hang up clothes and coats

Still Need to Do:
  • Heavy Duty Flea treatment of apartment and pets
  • Dust
  • Take boxes to back room
  • Finish Lycan's room
  • Re-Wash Lycan's clothes, bedding, and towels
  • Wash his bottles, snack containers, and pacifiers
  •  Clean the ferret's cage
  • Wash our bedding  (so much washing needs to be done!)
  • Clean the bathroom

That's all I can think of for now.  Though I'm sure when the nesting kicks in, the most ridiculous things will NEED TO BE CLEANED!!!!  Like PS3 controllers and odd things like that.  Oh yeah, plus we still need to install the car seat and put a hospital bag in the car....  Which I already know what I'm packing:

  • A change of clothes for me
  • Coming home clothes for him
  • The Little Miracles booklet from the hospital
  • MP3
  • Camera + batteries
  • Word Search 
  • Pens and a notebook

Mostly entertainment, because I know that the hospital provides a lot of other stuff.  Oh, yeah, and a breast pump, if I have one by then.  Even if for some reason he doesn't take to the boob I can still feed him my breast milk.  IF for some reason I don't produce enough or any milk, my mommy bought us cases of sensitive formula.  Sensitive because I had digestive problems with I was a baby (my mom also didn't produce any milk), so we're just being prepared.  But I'm hoping we don't have any problems.

Ugh, okay, time to finish vaccuming and anything else IF I have the energy for it!

PS I am really craving my step mom's chocolate fudge, cabbage soup, chocolate with peppermint crumbles, and a cheese stick that's 95% melted three cheese, 3% sauce, and 2% bread, no grease.   Like seriously, it's driving me crazy.  Oh and a Grey Hound from Hot Dawgs......

Tomorrow gonna be 35 weeks!


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