Wednesday, December 19, 2012

About Face!

Startin 36 weeks tomorrow.  I keep checking pregnancy sites like every time is going make the weeks go faster and speed up his growth.  Oy.

Had my appointment yesterday, as well as a surprise vaginal check.  However, there's a reason why I wear skirts to these things.  Never know and I don't have to take everything off.  Just lift up the skirt and remove the underwear.  Easy peasy.  And from now on, my weekly checks are going to be cervix checks.  But at least it's only for about 4 weeks.

  1. My membrane is thin.
  2. I'm 1 centimeter dialated (nothing to worry about)
  3. And apparently I have a flexible cervix, which she thought was odd because this is my first full term baby.  It's already shortened, or "effaced", to some degree.  But she was really excited about it because it means an easier vaginal delivery.  Hey, I like those odds!
  4. And she was happy about my BS levels.  

I was watching Baby Story on TLC the other day (I know, I said I wasn't going to do it, but it was just one episode) and the lady had an epidural and was pushing, and it literally looked like the baby just fell out of her.  I remember watching, going, Well, that was fast.  He was a big baby, too. But it did make me nervous about epidurals, because they didn't keep her overnight--not sure why (most of the women I've known have stayed one night after having theirs--at least until they poop), and she had to go back due to a migraine caused by the epidural. 

I know that when I tell my mom about my appointment, she's going to get all super excited about the dilation thing, because according to her, he can come at "any day now!"  Which technically she's right, but I'd prefer him to be a bit more done, especially his lungs.  I, at least, want him to be full term.  So, at least one more week Lycan!

I'm never taking comfort for granted again.  I was sleeping on the couch because we didn't have the $ for a bed earlier in the year.  But when I got pregnant, it was a need.  Now, in my final weeks, guess where I'm sleeping?  The couch.  How ironic.  It's the only place where I can fall and stay asleep, minus those pee urges. 

It's gettin cramped, let me tell ya.  I do believe he kicked my ribs a bit ago.  I thought a shot to the baby maker was painful!  I'm convinced though, the more active he and my uterus are, the more tired I am.

I'm spending the night at my mom's on Sunday, before she goes into full grandma mode on Monday and Tuesday.  She wants to get some things done for Lycan's room.  She got a sewing machine for Christmas and is in Super Grandma mode, it's funny.  So she wants to make the curtains, bumpers, and a blanket for him.  I didn't have my heart absolutely set on the crib sets that I liked from Babies'R'Us (Turtle Reef and Bubbles and Squirt), but I am set on the color scheme and on the baby turtle/pond theme.  Turtle because I believe that's Lycan's Spirit Animal, and the pond theme because my step grandma made him an awesome blanket with turtles and frogs and big ole fluffy pockets for him to grasp. I love it!  It's my favorite gift for him. 

That's one thing this kid has a lot of now: handmade blankets!  He's going to have a better Christmas than us and he's not even born yet!  But it's greatly appreciated, trust me!

I'm excited to have some mother-daughter time with her, though I think she's secretly hoping that I go into labor with her around.  Call me crazy. 



  1. WOO! I hope she realizes that being 1 cm dilated can last forever. Or at least up to 5 weeks. ;)

    I've got people who are all excited now, because I'm at 1 cm and 50% effaced, and I have to tell them, "No, no, no. That doesn't mean she's coming any day now. Yes, she could, but she can also just hang out until or even after her due date. Calm down, people. Calm down."

    Yeah, my MIL is all kinds of grandma-crazy too! It's her first grandchild.

    And, oy vey, that peeing all the time? ARGH! The extra cervical discharge/mucus? Icky fun! The kicks to the ribs and punches to the cervix? OW!

    But you're almost there, and it is good to know your body is doing the early labor thing, isn't it?

    1. i woke up this morning, going, "What the fuck, did I pee myself?" lol, Gross. Hopefully liners will help out with that leakage. Lately I'll sit down and feel a trickle, and wonder if I peed. Though when I check it out, ain't nothing! Which means, I something inside of me squished when I sat down.

      Pregnancy's weird. This is the stuff those sites need to talk about, the gross and the weirdness!


    2. Definitely! We get plenty of the "Oh, glorious life!" stuff. But there's plenty of icky-gross-weird stuff. Can't forget that.