Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 31 Update

Today was a rough day, mood wise.  It started out good, even went to the park!  But the in between to the evening, things got rocky.  I hate mood swings.  Before when I realized I was getting bitchy, I'd attempt to calm it down.  But now, I acknowledge and keep on with my fueled self, until something makes me cry or I swing back to a peaceful sane serenity.

Women are crazy creatures, aren't we?

I think I need a break from my dog for a couple months.  Not everyone has that luxury, but fortunately I do.  Thinking about sending him to my MIL's for a month.  I just need a break from him.  I dunno what it is, but every since I got pregnant he's been aggravating the HELL out of me.   From his licking to swallowing sounds to tearing up my blinds (especially AFTER I FIXED THEM) to puking to shittin in the house to his fleas to just not seeing me as an Alpha.  That's the most annoying thing for me.  Him clearly not respecting me as his pack leader.  He's just pissing me off.  Like, he a point.  And I just don't have the patience or the strength to remind him who's the Alpha and who's the subordinate.  He is trying my patience, and we just need a break from each other.

And.....I'm sure parents go through this, but I'm just not sure that I'm all that into the name chosen for our son.  The more I say it, the less I like it.  I voiced this to hubs, but I think he might just think it's hormone related....and I think it might be too.  So I'm gonna give it some time.  I still like Victor or Vincent better than Lycan.   But I also know that my nerd of a husband is stuck on "L.L. Cool Wren" (Lycan Leo Wren / LL Cool Jay).

Had a weak moment with my forced diet, a moment of depression.  But I took a different spin on eating and managed to satisfy some of my cravings, get full, and not go too far over my carb limit.  And after a quick prick, was able to keep my BS below 120.  Yay.  Yeah, been having issues getting full for the last two days, hence a little reason for my quick temper and whininess. 

Ugh, I'm tired of being pregnant!  It's only the 17th of November!  Not that I want him to premature or anything (Goddess forbid that happens!), I want him to go full term and be born when he's ready (both of us healthy and happy), but I'm near the wall.  Once again, I think it's a matter of hormones....and I know that it happens to many women.  You just get tired of it.  But at least we Humans don't have the 2 year gestation of an Elephant!  That would suck....but would probably cut down on our population.....

Whatever.  I ate, got full, and changed my tune.  I was/am happy again.  My elbow is sore, which means the weather's gonna do something in the next 24 hours, and I'm having growing pains, but it's typical.  Bout time for my bedtime snack.  And after 7 am-ish, I'll never have to help hubs out with the paper because tomorrow will be his last day at the Dispatch, which also means he'll be able to sleep.

Speaking of him and money, you know it's funny.  For his birthday and our anniversary, I was feeling terrible about it being the second year of me not being able to afford anything for him.  I am such an idiot sometimes.  I'm an artist, I can just make him something!  I may not be able to paint or use charcoal, but damn it I can still draw some graphite picture for him! 

That's my next task is to draw him a nice picture of one of his favorite baseball players....some Tigers player who got a Triple Crown and MVP this year.....something Cabera........yeah I don't know how to spell it.  BUT it's an idea!  I'm sure he'll love it, I just have to start on it BEFORE I lose the inspiration and motivation. 

Oh, annoying preggo symptoms that've started up for me: Can't catch a breath!  That shit sucks and it's only going to get worse!  Though I've learned that it's easier if I lay on my side, but can't be laying down all day, now can we?

My IBS isn't too bad now that I've lessened my fiber intake. 

Still no leaky boobs (though I'm sorta excited for that part, I'm sure that'll get old when it does start!).

Need a pillow between the legs and just beneath the belly more and more.

Mood swings are clearly worse.

I'm craving Pancakes, Sushi, and fried Popeyes Goodness....all bad things.  :-(

All right, time for my snack, then bed.  Goodnight, yall!



  1. Hey, sometimes you need a break from things, especially while pregnant! Pets can be a huge source of frustration.

    So can husbands. Mine? If he so much as jiggles his knee while we're sitting in bed, reading, or bites a nail, I yell at him to STOP!

    Yes, I think all of us question the name. But once you get used to it...

    I feel the EXACT same way. In my 33rd week now and going, "I'm tiiired of being pregnant". But, by the same token, I certainly don't wish for a preemie. No, no, no.

    So I focus on work and distracting myself. A lot.

    The drawing sounds like a great idea! And why not draw some other things while you are at it? That could work as a distraction.

    We're almost there, though! Almost time to hold the babies, instead of just sort of working around them. ;)

    1. I almost deleted your comment on accident. Me no write red.

      One of my resolutions was to draw everyday until 2013, but I ran out of sketch pads and funds around May, so that flopped. Which is funny because I have a ton of paper else where. But I hope to start it back up in 2013, even if it's just something small, hopefully I'll have the inspiration, if not always the energy.

      ALMOST THERE!!!!!! And my achey hips couldn't be happier for it! The pillow did NOT help me today. My hip is freaky stiff and killing me. I may try to take a bath later, but I dunno, it's hard enough just to get up off the