Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's Rant is Brought to You by the Letter 'F'

First off, I had to move today's ultrasound back to Tuesday, because I couldn't get a ride and hubby couldn't get it off.  So now I've got four appointments next week, three of them all on the same day!  Hey I'd rather it be all in one day than spread out throughout the week, ya know?  But I still have my first Stress Test tomorrow.

Okay, so this morning, whilst my stomach was making odd sounds, now that everything's being rearranged I'm never quite sure where any of my organs are now-a-days, it sparked my curiosity!  I wanted to know whether or not babies cried in the womb (which they do; it's not actual crying, it's ore or less going through the motions, practicing so to speak).  So I Googled and browsed and one of the forums ignited this Facebook rant:

"Preggo and Parenting forums are a great place to get information sometimes...until you get to the fluffy moms.  The ones who're just so.....cheesy and...I dunno, the only word that comes to mind is FLUFFY!  Fluffy, slightly different from the Pagan type of Fluffy.  Depending on your take of a Fluffy Bunny.  Like cute and cuddly, romanticizing everything, everything's Love and Light, finds the most dumb and normal things to be so sad and just sheer naive stupidity.  The kind of stuff that makes ya wanna hurl. 

One of the comments was, "It's so sad that when the babies cry [in the womb] and you can't hold them!" "It's makes me sad that there's something to make them cry." And "Poor little baby!"  "And now I'm sobbing!  I feel horrible!" 

Technically, you are holding them for one.  And two, why is it sad?  They're babies, some just cry!  Maybe he's got a cramp?  Maybe she's just testing it out, it's something new to do.  Maybe they're bored?  Perhaps mom's laying some way and he's annoyed because he can't move how he wants to?  It's normal!  Maybe the body's just testing it out to make sure it works!

Oh, makes me glad I'm not this naive and cheesy

True story.  For some reason I can't find the exact forum where I got the first couple of quotes from, and I was just, it's not important. 

Eh, maybe I'm just heartless?  ;-)  Seems to be a running theme this week.

Oh, and by the way, I'm 33 weeks preggo!  On they compared the size to a durian.  Okay.  This thing is spikey as hell.  They couldn't find a smoother fruit to compare the baby's size to?  Though the other night, I felt (for the first time) one of Lycan's more painful kicks, so I can see how a durian might be slightly accurate.  ;-)


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  1. *snicker*

    I just read this week that babies cry in the womb too and I thought, "Well, gosh, that probably sucks". LOL Guess I'm heartless too?