Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rule 32: Enjoy the Little Things

I was pretty upset yesterday, which is funny because when the incident with the bitchy nurse first happened, I was more in a mood of, "Is this bitch serious?  Is she really treating me like a 5-year-old?"  I was more stunned with a side of WTF? than upset.  It was almost comical.  Of course, moodswings tend to do so for the worst nowadays.  (<-- wtf am I trying to say in this sentence?  thanks dyslexia!)

Actually, being an Aries, irrationality and emotional moments tends to happen a lot.  Though with the hormones, I'm either apathetic, weepy, or a rage-a-holic.  Fortunately, the rage-a-hol isn't a common thing.  I actually haven't been all that whiny these past 7 months either.  Only recently has it really begun to pick up.  (in case you haven't noticed)

After talking to other women who were preggo with either GD or Type 2, they made me feel better by saying that, yes, it's typical fucked up scare tactics......because, you know, we don't have enough to worry about.  So I'll just keep on keeping on with my Aries self!  Doing what I'm doing; it ain't perfect, but I'm tryin!

Lately, Goats (which I love) are everywhere!  All over Tumblr, popping up on my Facebook feed, and on a Yuletide Blog Festival thingy that I'm thinking about doing, as mentioned in yesterday's BOM post.  Not going to lie, I only clicked the link because of the goat! 

I don't know what it is about them, I've just liked goats.  Especially if they have horns....then again I like most horned and antlered animals.  Surprisingly enough, my brother--who's 6.5 years older and we're not all that close--likes em, too.  I was stunned to learned that he wants a farm with a couple of goats, too.  That's awesome.  We are related! ...through our love of goats!

I think that Mouflon Ram is trying to tell me something.  He's my Fire Spirit Animal and has been a Companion for a long time.  He's just really fitting because we're both Rams.  Like, I'm an Aries almost to a 'T'; and of course he's actually a Ram to a 'T'....  He's fiery, and fire is both a destructive force, as well as a creative one.  It can burn and maim, but also warm and heal.  Learning to balance these two aspects are just what me and him have been doing for many years.  Also being a Ram, he represents perseverance and strength.  Gotta keep on keepin on. 

A couple weeks ago, my Water Spirit Animal came back and was churning the waters of creativity with inspiration and motivation.  Orca's also been kind of checking up on me, too.  Orca, who's more of a protector in teaching strength and kinship for me.  Now here comes Mouflon Ram.  Who, as I've mentioned, is a lot like me.  I've been feeling a bit stressed and worried and I think they're all showing up to take my mind off of my fears, which is really comforting. 

In the weeks leading up to my handfasting, many Animal Messengers appeared letting me know that everything was going to be fine!  And, the handfasting wasn't cookie cutter perfection, but it was totally us, which made it perfect!

Rams are popping up in serene pictures, along with other horned and antlered animals.  Of course, when I see em, I get all happy and weird, especially if they've got a nice rack.  Other horned goats are popping up as the Yule Goat or the Julbock a lot recently, which is actually making me excited to write wintry/Yule-ish inspired posts, and is making me excited for the Winter Solstice this year.  Especially since lately I've been wanting to skip everything and just get to January already!  I'm actually looking forward to December.

I'm looking forward to finishing the Pagan Blog Project and to doing the Yuletide Blog Festival; I'm looking forward to the Winter Solstice and to making crafty gifts for two friends...since I'm pretty sure that's all I'll have the energy for....though who knows, maybe Beluga Whale can motivate me to do other crafty things.  SIMPLE things for other family members, like Bottle Snowmen filled with candy.  And I'm looking forward to spending Christmas with the family.  Figure might as well enjoy the little things, even things like just laying in bed, cuddling with the husband without baby interruption, or laying in bed with my headphones on, jamming out until I'm ready to get up.  Won't be able to do that when Lycan's here.  Time to hang out with the BFF a bit more too.

Tomorrow I'll be 33 weeks preggo with another ultrasound. 

Tuesdays and Fridays--1 pm--are my scheduled Stress Tests. 

And I'm also starting to have weekly doctor's appointments.  So I'm up to at least 3 appointments a week now.  That's a lot of time at the hospital!

Rule 32 is an important one to keep us sane!


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  1. Heh. I agree with that!!!

    Wow, that's a lot of doctor's appointments. I hope all of them go well. Mine are going to start to pile up now that I'm in the home stretch. My gosh...

    Oh, I'm going to give you some unsolicited advice. Two pieces of it, in fact, and I hope they make your day. :)

    1. Trust yourself.

    2. Don't take anyone else's advice. Hee hee hee.

    That is seriously the best advice I got with my first son. Oh, sure, let people talk, but evaluate what they say, and decide for yourself.

    Now excuse me while I try to work up more of a Yule spirit...