Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oh Bloody Hell

This morning, around 3:30 am, as I'm sleepily walking from one car to another, I stepped, heard two pops, and fell on the ground.  I just laid there for a minute crying.  I was tired and hurting.  No help to my husband who was trying to get me to calm down so I could tell em what happened and what hurt.  All I could say was, "My ankle" and "Don't put that shoe on!"

I sat up, my opposite leg was hurting, too, possibly skinned.  The side of my stomach was hurting a tad, but I could tell it was only surface pain.  I looked at my ankle, moved my toes and rotated my foot.  No bruising, no swelling that I could see.

I don't remember how I fell, only that my knee, shin, wrist, and ankles were hurting.  Hubby helped me up and I got into the car.  I didn't feel much pain, because my feet were freezing.  I was shivering and crying.

I was able to walk into the house and we found a mess left by our old dog, left out of spite.  Hubby reacted to that, while I had a gagging fit at the door, then sat down on the couch.  My ankle was throbbing a little bit, a little swollen, still no bruising.  I looked at everything else that was hurting, which was red and slightly skinned.  My belly was all right.  Lycan was moving and I was tracking him, until I felt he was fine.  I was trying to keep calm and not stress him out.

Took some Tylenol and limped to bed.  Hubby brought me pillows to prop my foot up on and a frozen bag of buttered corn.  As my body warmed, then the pain came on.  My ankle hurt so freaking bad.  Didn't help that I was also having typical preggo pains, like achey hips and knees, and needed to add padding to my stomach.

Eventually the tylenol kicked in and I fell asleep.

Around 8 this morning, I had to pee.  Typical.  I sat up, tested my ankle a little bit.  Didn't hurt as bad.  I sleepily limped to the bathroom and as I was sitting there, searing agonizing pain ripped through my ankle and leg.  I could barely walk back to the bed, and the walk isn't even far.  I just couldn't put any weight on my ankle.  I was nauseous and seriously thought I was going to pass out, but I pushed through and made it to the bed.   Everything hurt at that point.  My ankle, my hip, my knee.  Hubby looked at it, said it was pretty swollen, but no bruising.  I took more tylenol, propped it back up, then cried myself to sleep.

Around 11, I woke up with hip achey pain, just thinking about how much this sucked.  I didn't think I'd be able to walk out to the car if I had to.  I monitored Lycan's movements.  Prayed that I wouldn't have to pee for a while, though knowing that I needed to drink my water, test my blood, and eat.  Do all that.  My ankle hurt with movement, but I was able to move, flex, and bend my toes without too much pain.  But my ankle was stiff and in agonizing pain if I tried to move it.

I couldn't lay on my back.

The night before, sitting up rested him right on my bladder--I pee so much at our friends' house, so I really didn't want to risk sitting up to have that happen again. 

My hips were achey.

My ankle forced me to lay on one side. Which I eventually said, "Fuck it" to and risked the pain to lay on my left side, try to relieve my other discomforts.

I was worried that I'd broken it or something.  I'm not a bruiser.  When I broke my wrist, it never bruised.  When I broke my elbow, it never bruised.  Though when I broke my foot, it did.  The hardest falls or injuries don't always yield bruises for me.  Sometimes the lightest, most insignificant pains do.  Bruises are not a tale-tell sign for me of serious injury.

I was also worried about Lycan, but I'm pretty sure he's fine.  Still doing his movements.  No cramping.  No blood.  Nothing.  Just some growing pains.   My stomach doesn't feel any different.  Nothing down there does.

Around noon, there was no testing of the ankle, that shit was hurting.  Hubby had to help me to the bathroom and back.  Propped it up, wrapped it, put another frozen bag on it.  I ate.  Tested my blood.  I can sit around the house a lot of the day, but I can not lay around all day, I've realized.  I really hope it doesn't come to the point where I have to be on bed rest during this pregnancy.  But the swelling had gone down a lot.  I fell asleep--mostly out of boredom.  When I woke up a bit ago, I peed and found that it didn't hurt as bad.  I can put more weight on it than this morning.  Still hurts of course, but I'm not standing there wishing I'd never got out of bed.  Like I said, I can actually move around a little bit more.

After I got back to bed, I decided that it was strong enough that I could make it to the sofa.  I was bored!  Figured, either place I'm going to have my ankle in pain and propped up, might as well have some entertainment!

I definitely don't have my carbs in today nor have I been testing, and quite frankly, I don't care right now.  My doctor can bitch about it on Tuesday if she wants.  I've only had about 66 carbs today, so far.  I'm about to add another 60 for my lunch count, so that's a little something more.  I definitely want to eat a serving of fruit, veggies, and milk before the nights up (I've already had grain and protein).

And if I'm still in a lot of pain tomorrow, then we're going to go to the doctor.  I'd rather go tomorrow, then struggle in to the clinic on Tuesday for my stress test.  Only to have them lecture me about why I didn't go to the doctor when it happened.  Which honestly, I probably should have, really to have a professional check to see that my son's okay, since I don't know a whole lot about the potential problems with falling while pregnant (even just small ones).  And I really hope that I didn't make the mistake of not going.  Really bothers me that I can't remember how I fell or how hard I landed.  Though it could just be typical preggo worries.

I can tell you this, out of all the times I've hurt my ankles, this is by far the most painful.  I really wish we had some crutches laying around.  Like, I was raised that if it's not broken or bleeding (or you don't have a high fever), there's not much a doctor's going to do for you.  It's like when you break finger or a toe.  They'll just tape it up and send ya home.  Hello high hospital bill.  Hubby thinks I just rolled or sprained it.  I'm hoping it's not fractured.   I've had my ankles pop before, and turned out they just needed to pop.  But I dunno. 

This pregnancy's all ready complicated enough without a injured ankle!  I'm hoping that I just need a couple days of rest, tylenol, and propping, and that I won't need to go to the doctor.  Easier said than done without having stress tests this week; but I do have an ultrasound this week, too, so that's some ease.  Like I said, we'll see. 


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  1. Oh wow. Take it easy and I hope the ankle heals up on its own!

    Yes, it sounds like Lycan is fine, and as long as he's moving in all the usual ways, then I hope that helps you relax about him. That stress test will - I hope - alleviate any concerns until your ultrasound.