Friday, November 23, 2012

My Glass Case of Emotion Has Cracked....

Today's been an emotional ass day. 

First I slept until like 1pm, then I was happy, then angry, then weepy, then mad at everyone and everything, then had one of those gross cliched know, with the snot drippin and stickin  to everything, then I was in a fuck it all mood!  I felt like a failure and was annoyed with everyone giving me unwanted lectures, advice, and to stop treating me like I don't realize how bad diabetes is.  I was hurt when my dad didn't invite us to dinner yesterday.  I felt trapped by being shut up in the house and by the flea war.  I was feeling guilty about not watching a movie with the hubby (instead of stormed off because he was annoying me, enough though he was just trying to do something nice).  Then back in the Fuck It All Mood, along with I'M EATIN TWO COOKIES, GLASS OF MILK, AND A BOWL OF GREENBEANS.  FUCK G.D.!  Then I was happy again.  And I'm still happy. 

It's been a roller coaster.  Oh, then someone on some random Pagan site set me off about Pagan Parenting (when it was completely unintentional on their part; but those preggo hormones make just about EVERYTHING INTENTIONAL).  But now I'm good. 


For now.

Our Little Moon, which now sits on my Deity Shrine.

Hubby bought me Brave, because he felt that I needed a pick me up (even though we REALLY don't have the money for it), we put together a 3D Moon Puzzle (didn't think we were smart enough for that!), and we just ate Chinese.  I'm smarter about the carbs things this time around, didn't nearly eat everything this time, so hopefully my BS won't be sky high next test.

EMOTIONAL!!!!    Another reason why I can't wait until Lycan decides it's show time.  In which case, hubby wants to me take a page out of Juno's book and announce: "THUNDER CATS ARE GO!!!!"



  1. Ahhh, so some other Pagan set off that rant about Pagan Parenting you posted? WTF?! Seems odd that another Pagan would say, "You should rear your child to be Pagan, because blah blah blah."

    I suppose they might have something against indoctrination, perhaps... Though our children are pretty much indoctrinated no matter what. It may not be overt on our parts as parents, but it's going to happen - our kids are going to pick up OUR attitudes or beliefs or points of view.

    Did my dad set out to rear me to be like him? No, but I have pretty much the same points of views on religion, politics, and life in general as he does. Mind you, those points of view are very much "to each, their own", so I guess you could say my dad did indoctrinate me - to be open minded. Others say an open mind is a bad thing. *shrugs* Whatever. The point is, I'm my father's daughter in many ways, and they are ways I personally think are good.

    Lycan is going to be your son in some ways, and find his own way in others. That's how it works, eh?

    Yeah, the roller coaster days... No fun. I'm seriously right there with you.

    Aw, "Brave"! And I also feel you on the no money thing. Totally one of the reasons we're going the "no gifts" route this holiday season (except for my son). There's just stuff the baby NEEDS, and that's got to take precedence over everything else. Family understands, but if they didn't, I honestly wouldn't give a rat's ass. I have to put my immediate family - hubby, son and baby - first.

    I can't believe people are STILL lecturing you over GD. Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?! You aren't some ignorant moron or a child. You found out you had it. You did your research, and you know how to handle it. Everyone else needs to keep quiet. I suppose they care and they're doing it because they want you to be healthy... But there is such a thing as overkill.

    The puzzle is pretty! I adore puzzles. <3

    Only 2 more months. It's almost time!

    1. I meant it seems weird that another Pagan would say you should ***NOT*** rear your child to be Pagan.

      Please pardon the omission - my own pregnancy issues (slept like shit last night when I did manage to sleep, back pain, totally incoherent this morning... you name it).