Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just Pop, Damn it

So a problem I've been having lately is popping ears, mainly in my right ear.  At first, wasn't so bad, but lately it's gotten worse and lasts for-freakin-ever.  Nothing works.  Not the usual remedies or even just waiting it out, ignoring it.

I look online "Plugged ears pregnancy" and it occurs when there's fluid build up, since some preggos tend to retain fluid during.  For most, they're saying that it goes away after the kid is born.  WHAT?  12 more weeks of this annoying semi-deafness?  And my hub doesn't seem to understand that either he needs to speak up and slower or turn down the tv for me to hear him.

So yeah, I'm a little agitated. 

Damn it, I just sneezed and peed a little bit.  Wonderful.  I'm about to throw in the towel today and just go back to bed.

Not to mention that we're this close to being minus one dog.  My dog is literally driving me crazy.  Okay, we've been fighting the flea menace for months because of him.  It does not help to treat the house and the ferret, if we can't properly treat him.  I've tried it all.  Natural and pesticides, ranging from Hartz to Dish soap to flour to garlic to Skin-so-soft to fucking everything!  Nothing fucking works! And I can't exactly get too chemical happy because of my condition and the ferret.  The only stuff that works is Frontline, but we can't afford it!  It's the only stuff that's strong enough and it's the only stuff he can't lick off.

I keep yelling at him every time he fuckin licks himself.  He just licks and licks and licks until he throws up.  We need to buy his ass a cone!  I'm tired!  My stomach is super sensitive and I'm tired of him throwing up every fucking day, which throws me into a violent vomiting fit!  Sometimes he makes himself throw up, too.  How do I know this?  Because I just punished him by leashing his ass to the door knob and guess what?  It stopped like fucking magik.

We can't afford to take him to the vets.  We can't afford to take him to the groomers.  And trying to bath him is a nightmare (hence the reason why we can't take him to the groomer), plus we can't afford the shampoo.  Trust me, I'll be muzzling his ass and forcing him into the tub myself if it gets to that point.

I'm seriously about to send his flea ridden ass to my MIL's, I can't take it anymore.  There's only so much I can do treatment wise, and I'm tired of waking up with new bites.  It's truly exhausting.  Hell, we keep Lycan's room closed off, and I picked a fucking flea off of me in his room last week.  I flipped the fuck out!  I want these assholes and their offspring dead before my son's born.  It's just a losing battle and the only thing I can think of is to get rid of Bear.  Stupid ass thick lab-chow coat.  I love him, but I'm at my wits end. 

I don't need anymore stress in my life right now. 

By the Spirits, I hope we have a real fucking winter this year, kill off most of these parasites. 


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