Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Before BS

Yay, hubby finally got to feel Lycan kick last night!  Got a big ole huge smile on his face before falling asleep, then said he woke up with one remembering it.  :-)

Yesterday's ultrasound was fine.  Due to hubs setting the alarm for pm, we actually missed our early appointment, but luckily was able to get in at noon.  Which was kind of funny, because hubs dropped me off at the door to park, and I ended up taking the wrong elevator up to the 7th floor.  Had to take two of the longest elevator rides until I finally got to the right level 7.  Then hubby said he did the same thing. 

For once, the kid was actually trying to sleep, once again being stubborn about showing us his face.  The last ultrasound, he was facing my spine, and this time he had all of his limbs up by his head. 

The techincan said he was a little bit larger, now in the 59th percentile, but we're not worried.  

I started the glyburide yesterday and was a little worried for a bit because my BS dropped to 78.  But my doctor said that a normal BS ranges from 60 to 100, so as long as I didn't drop below 60, I was good.  So far, so good indeed. So I'm taking 5 mgs twice daily, once in the morning and once before bedtime. 

And now eating is such a chore!  Before it was different, stomach grumbles, go eat.  But now I've gotta count my carbs.  Did you know that carrots have carbs in them?  I didn't until last night when I went for a midnight snack.  Had bought carrots thinking that it'd be a snack that wouldn't count towards my carb intake.  I was wrong. But fruits tend to have more carbs than most veggies, so I went the veggie route. 

I have to eat at a certain time and count my carb intake.  This morning I just wanted to lay there for a bit and listen to my headphones, a past time I know will be gone when Lycan's born.  But nooooo, I had to get up and taking my Fasting Blood Sugar, then eat!  And snacking is very important, too.  Makes sense to break up the carb intake throughout the day instead of just for three meals. 

This is some adjustment, indeed!  But not nearly as stressful as it was.  At least I can have breads in moderation.

Lycan's room is ready for the baby shower tomorrow!  Finally, we got our butts into gear and finally changed around the living and dining room, and Lycan's room, too.  Though he's got a desk and some art supply too, but I've arranged things so that when he's mobile, he won't be getting into things he shouldn't be.  And there's room for a pack and play so cousins will have a place to sleep/nap when they're over. 

It's weird, I think I'm more excited to see my mom tomorrow than for the baby shower....  I know she'll be interested in understanding this GD thing along with me.  That and she's my momma.  I'm excited to show off the new furniture arrangement to her.  Nothin like a little mom therapy. 


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  1. I can't wait until we get back to the U.S. next year and HAVE a room for our kiddo. Heh. Though, he probably won't use it, since I'm a co-sleeper. But we have a crib anyway (currently side-car with the bed). :)

    Here's hoping your baby shower is fun, and you enjoy your time with your mom!