Monday, November 26, 2012


Ugh, I woke up feeling like crap.  My heart rate felt like it was up, though being preggo, I know that a woman's heart rate tends to go up a little anyway, so I can't tell if it's normal.  Though mine also tends to go up when I'm about to throw up.  I did gag a few times.  And I'm shaky.  I thought maybe it was my blood sugar, due to only eating three small meals yesterday, which only added up to around 120 carbs.  But I tested and it was normal. 

So I drank a bunch of water, took my prenatals, ate some fruit and a slice of whole wheat bread.  Though my stomach's aching and I'm tasting milk.  I'm thinking I probably shouldn't have had that drink of milk before bed last night.  It's either milk related or icky hormonal stuff. 

In ankle news, it does feel a little better today, still hurts of course.  I won't be going on any brisk walks later, but at least I can walk to the bathroom by myself.  You know, when I first hurt my ankle, all I wanted to do was take a hot shower....I thought that was strange.  Though I may take one today, I just don't think I can take standing there for too long. 

Man, having some tums or whatever stomach coater that my doctor said I could use--something that starts with an "m"--would be great right now.  Didn't sleep so good last night, I might try to get some sleep now. 



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