Friday, November 9, 2012

Asking for Help

Sometimes I wonder if I'm typing in jibberish, I know I don't have the best grammar or language, but damn.  I sent my step mom an email asking her for help in dealing with our flea problem.  I mean, shit, my mom's been helping us out with spending $300 dollars on groceries a month and I've never asked her to do so.  She's just helping us out because we need it (and because she wants to be sure that I'm eating right).  I asked my step mom because we need it and she said, "we can come up with something." 

Come up with something?  I gave you something.  Told you that I've tried everything that I'm able to under the sun.  Told you what works:

Frontline for Dogs 50lbs
Frontline for Kittens 0-5 lbs

Something to treat our carpets

I don't..I don't understand what's so hard to understand about that?  It's what?  Roughly $150?  Obvisiously if I had the money, it'd be taken care of. can buy crap you don't need, but when I really, genuinely need help, you gotta problem with it?  Isn't this the season of giving?  I said that I wanted this problem taken care of before my son, aka your grandson, is born?  Isn't that enough?  To do it for him?  I never ask anything from these people. 

Should I even be surprised? 

I'd ask mom, but she's already doing so much for us, in terms of food and baby stuff.  I don't want to ask anymore from her. 

I don't get it. 


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