Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two Things That Start with "S"

No, this isn't a belated Pagan Blog Project post, no.  This is about primal wants.  Primal urges that I'm just not getting lately.  Two "S"'s.  Can you guess what they are?

Sushi and Sex.  Maybe both at the same time..... ;-)  To replace sushi, I've been feasting on pasta...but due to GD, Pasta is sadly out and has suddenly been replaced by salad.  Baby spinach salad with grapes, sometimes queso, and a bit of ranch, to be exact.  It's not that filling.  Not even in large quantities.  I mean, it's rabbit food, so, and the "Vegan" life just isn't for me.  I'm an omnivore! I like my variety!  I like filling foods!  Even though I do love red grapes, I always need something else to go with it.  And at this point, I'm convinced that I'm going to need a pill to help regulate my blood sugar.  Yesterday it went from 114 to 126.  Then this morning, it was a whopping, unbelievable 142.  WTF? is what this chick asks.  But then I also didn't go out and help the hubs with the paper route, so the inactivity may have something to do with it.  But hopefully I can get someone to go to Darby with me later. 

It's getting to the point where I may use my son's newborn pictures as ransom for some sushi!  I'm serious about that whole "I don't want a bouquet of flowers, I want a bouquet of sushi" thing.  SUSHI!!  I MISS YOU!!!!  My favorite food. 

Which leads me to Sex.  It's enjoyable, filling (wink),, I guess.  And it's something I enjoy doing with my husband.  Don't get me wrong, vibrators are amazing--especially my $90 European EVOLVED vibrator, Lucky 13 (course, I've named "him" is Victor; cause he is victorious every single time!), but sadly it's getting old.  I want the real thing.  It's not my husband or even me, it's my vagina.  WTF, Gina?  Really?  (I actually have a name for my va-jay-jay, but I can't remember.  My butt's name is Ana.  Too much personal info?  Too bad, ya should've stopped at the second "Sex".)  It's just too dang sensitive down there!  Even with my natural lube and astro glide.  Sucks, man.  Especially when my libido's soaring and we're getting hot and heavy.  Seems promising, the choir sings, and.....everything's halted by a pained "OW!"  An ow, both for my stupid sensitive canal and for my horniness.  Course, he's concerned that he's hurt me, whereas I'm pissed off! 

Once in a while, and I do mean "in a while", we can carefully, but not too often.  Like once a month or every 3 weeks. Hubby's more fine with it than me (his pent up ass has a master plan after I'm healed that involves sending the kid to grandma's with a supply of milk, and a hotel room, complete with a jacuzzi), but masturbation is losing it's luster for the both of us....porno, too.  It's hard enough trying to find a video I like, but now they're all boring, or the "acting" gets to me (or the chick has an annoying ass voice) and I just can't get into it.  I'm more of an imagination kind of gal anyway, especially lately.  But nothing beats the real deal....

Different positions?  Nope, no relief. 

Okay, well, what about oral?  Him on me is no problem, but me on him...well, my gagging reflex was bad before, but I still managed.  But now, the slightest bad odors send me reeling, gagging violently with a possible promise of vomiting, but DEFINITELY peeing myself.  I'm a reciprocating person, we both have to be getting ours, not one over the other. 

Handy's?  Too much like masturbation.  I want penetration!

Anal?  It's not vaginal penetration, so no, tis not the same!

Like I've said, it's mostly me and less him.  But he's a champ, and definitely handling it better than me.  Roughly 3 more months....depending on healing time for the second primal need.  My libido is up for it, but my vaginal canal is not.  What's a girl to do?

Okay, how do I make this one or older to view?  Ya think it's be in Options for Post Settings.  Hmmmm??????



  1. Are you allowed brown rice? I know it doesn't taste nearly as good as white rice, but maybe with some garlic or something? Or maybe whole wheat couscous or whole wheat pasta...?

    Yeah, vegetarian eating is not for everyone, particularly if you have to give up so much by way of carbs! I mean, yeesh. You're practically gluten-free at this point now, and that's a huge lifestyle change, even when it's just temporary! For me, not eating things I like (such as, yup, sushi, deli meats, and the local cheeses - they're non-pasteurized) is balanced out by remembering it's all for my son's health.

    But it still sucks.

    Ah, sex. I normally have a really, really, really high sex drive. Since getting pregnant? I want to be left alone. And, yeah, my vagina feels like it's going to fall off. Argh. So after sex, it's only worse.

    Fortunately, hubby's sex drive is much lower than mine, so we have it about two or three times a week now. But finding new positions to accommodate my belly has lost its novelty as well.

    So I can relate to all the "Ugh, argh, just not worth it", in another way.

    I'm so glad I only have 2 months left. >.<

    1. Mind you, sex/new positions has lots it's novelty for me. Not him. He's as gung-ho as ever and, no, he doesn't masturbate. He prefers sex with me, though I've said on a number of occasions, "Hey, can't you take matters into your own hands and leave me alone?" Never works. But he's patient and knows what I need at this point. Cuddling me has become a surefire way to get me interested.

      That's another thing - I miss the kind of sex we used to have (which I won't go into, because that would be TMI and far too kinky to share). I turned into a snuggler with pregnancy. I turned into the, "I need you to be gentle" person. It's weird. But he's a good man, and goes with the flow. So it works.

      Still, looking forward to getting back to the rough stuff a few months after the baby, when I'm feeling up for it... Heh heh heh.

    2. That's funny, because I'm not that affectionate, but he is. I'll cuddle, but sometimes I'm more of a "slam, bam, thank you, Sir!" Once again, until I got preggo. Now it's a "let's take it easy" when my libido's screaming the opposite! Yes, I miss the roughness......

    3. Yeah, it's weird, isn't it?! Hormones must be to blame for all this "please cuddle me; please be gentle with me" stuff. LOL