Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's Appointment

Ow, fuck!  I just ripped off the tape from my arm from the blood work today.  The last time I did that, damn tape actually took skin and left some scarring.  Or what looked like it anyway.  You know, it'd be wonderful if I could go to the obgyn WITHOUT having blood drawn.  Just once.  They know me down there.  Damn, that hurt.  Not the blood drawing, after have a tattoo on my forearms, no needles hurt.  Well, a little sting, but that's it. 

That freakin tape, holy crap!  Can use that to plug up a tire hole!

So I was dreading today's appointment last night.  Those worries, plus my restless legs, kept me awake until 3 am this morning.  Blah.  But the appointment wasn't too bad.  Doctor said that it's basically a low-carb diet with no processed sugars.  Only I'll have to regulate with a blood tester thingy.  My blood pressure is fine, weight is fine (I've actually lost a pound since my last visit), and so is my urine.  Lycan's moving and shaking, his heart is strong.  No cramping.  No spotting.  Just the GD.  Oh, and my nausea's returned with a vengeance....blah. 

All during my first trimester I was nauseous, then it went away a week or two into my second.  And now at the very end of my second it's coming back.  Dave thinks it might have something to do with my diet, as I was eating super healthy in the first and early second and was nauseous the entire time, and now I'm eating super healthy again and it's returned.  Course it could just be a preggo thing.  Like how I used to drink cranberry juice every three months to cleanse my kidneys and bladder, and now just a sip makes me sick. 

We're in the process of applying for health insurance and are doing so with the hospital, so.....yeah, I've got an appointment in a week  to check my blood sugar logs....but I don't have the stuff yet, because we can't afford it.  I'm going to call my mom and ask if she can help us out with that.  Then again, she's already done so much by surprising me on Friday by taking me to the food store, after doing research on GD. 

I finally got a hold of my Diabetic Teacher, so I have an appointment with her on the same day as my other appointment - both on hubby's birthday, no less.  One of the nurses had looked for a charity blood tester thingy, but couldn't find one, but told me that due to being High Risk to just come in anyway.  Hopefully I can get a tester and strips BEFORE Friday.  At least have something to take to them. 

The 30th is gonna be a long day for us. 

The doctor said that they're going to monitor the baby's size, and if my blood sugar can't be handled with the diet, then they'll move onto a pill.  Insulin will be the last resort.  Fingers crossed that I can handle my GD with the diet!  I mean, everything else is fine, so hopefully I can manage.  I'm not so worried anymore, as the doctor was pretty positive about it. 

Kay kay, time for napping!


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