Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Papers, Hormones, and Super Powers

Had a busy weekend, and I've started to help my hubby with his second job of paper boy--er--man.  I'm his driver right now, which is fine, minus having to get up way before the butt crack of dawn.  Sucks, because I hardly get the sleep needed anyway!  I was actually up for 24 hours the other day....ugh!  I hate it, but it makes his route easier.  Even though I'm not down with spending freaking hours in the car, at a slow stop and go pace.  Never knew my lower back and crotch could ache more than they already do. You gotta do what you gotta do in this crappy economy; and we really need the money.  That and NO ONE wants to hired a 6 month pregnant woman, I'm convinced.  It's like just by reading my resume, they know.  I don't know how, but they know! 

Or maybe I'm just crazy?  Hormones have a habit of doing that to me.

Though now, he's hopeful for another position, which unfortunately means that I'd have to take over his route because we need the money.  Honestly, I haven't told him if I'm physically able to.  Heck, I can barely keep up with him when we're out and about with my waddle.  Not to mention that the uterus is already beginning to crowd my lungs.  There's no way I can do any route, plus drive, in a reasonable time!  PLUS the peeing?  This is NOT a job for a 6 monther, unless I have a freakin catheter....Spell Checker, that is not right.  Can't be the word I want....Whatever, a pee tube and a baggy attached to your leg. 

If there was a job just to bag the papers, I could do that, but there's not.  It's get up at 2 am, go to the warehouse, get the papers, sort them, bag em, roll em out to your car, and spend a couple hours driving and walking to deliver them.  Props to those who do it, and even bigger props to other preggos who do it, I'm sure they're out there!   Heck, if a heavily preggo woman can work 4 10's in a high paced, hard working environment of a warehouse, I'm sure paper delivery would be a piece of cake for those super-fit kind of women.  Mad props to them.  For me, personally, I'm not comfortable with pushing myself to get some yuppy their paper, especially those who want it placed in a certain position, BEFORE 6:30am, especially on Sunday, when you've got 264 other papers to deliver.  And with my hormones, the moment someone bitched at me, well, let's just say, hormones haven't made me.....all that people friendly.

Most of the time, I can handle it...through clinched knuckles and gritted teeth.  But other times, it's like those moments when ya think it's a burp, but vomit spews out instead.  It just happens!  Shame I can't growl when waters are getting choppy.  Be great, because smart people, at least, would know when to back off.  As an Aries (like many of the horned zodiacs), I've already got a temper.  Though hubby's probably wonder which personality he's going to encounter next, Apathetic Kristy, Beast Kristy, Weepy Kristy, or whoever emerges at the time?  Neither of us can wait until our boy's born, cause I'd LOVE to get back to my old self!  Though no doubt this pregnancy has changed me, for the good and the bad. 

I had a lady at Target call me a "fat bitch" on Saturday...no, Sunday.  Nope, she didn't bother saying, "Excuse me," or even a "MOVE!".  Nope, she went straight for, "I could get through if this fat bitch wasn't in the way."  I slowly turned to see a HUGE troll of a woman in a scooter, her cart FILLED with junk food and soda.  I calmly said, "I'm pregnant.  What's your excuse?"  Then I slowly turned back around and continued looking at the craft stuff.  I didn't move.  I didn't react to her.  She made a racial slur, aimed towards Muslims due to my headcovering (despite that fact that I don't wear a hijab-style, I was wearing a snood-style, but then what's the difference to a Willfully Ignorant Racist, huh?), then BEEP BEEP BEEP, backed out of the aisle, cursing up a storm. 

Me 1, White Trash 0

 Back to the paper route, I'm just glad that hubs let me sleep this morning.  I was so worn out and sore. 

Speaking of super women, Dave swears that being pregnant has given me super powers, with freakish strength and Wolverine-like heightened senses.  lol.  A hormonally charged nose that's ONLY sensitive to foul odors, mind you, including blood.  Can't wait until THAT sensitivity is gone!  Otherwise I might wear a gas mask just to change my kid's diapers, spit up, and puke!

So yeah, busy busy weekend.  Though we did hang with friends and play the adult X rated version of Apples to Apples, called Cards Against Humanity: A Card Game for Horrible People.  Shit was so bad, it was funny, as one viewer said, "Should be called Assholes to Assholes". Not for the easily offended. 

And I did my Shower Invites, which aren't finished, thus I'll make a post later when they are, due to an address disagreement.  My mom and grandma SWEAR it's at a certain address, BUT Google Maps says that certain location is an abandoned building and a run down parking lot.  So, we're going to drive out this week and see which is right, mom or Google.   Which sucks, because we're getting down to the final line.  But I don't want to run the risk of everyone showing up to an overgrown parking lot.  When they're done, I'll photo and posto.


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  1. WTF?!

    Um, I saw that picture of yourself you posted last week, and you are NOT fat. Sounds like Ms. Pot calling the kettle black... Glad you just gave a witty comeback, then ignored her, and so glad you recognized her for what she is.