Saturday, October 20, 2012

Invites Are Finally Done!

The invitations are done and shall be sent out on Monday; but due to being camera-less, we still don't have any pictures to post.  So yeah.  Though....I guess I could take a blown out picture with my web camera....if I can get it to open up....never mind.  I'll post an image later.

After having plenty of experience with my Bridal Shower and Handfasting, I clearly wanted some creative control with the invites to my son's pre-birth party.  That's the problem with being an artist....being very particular about what you want...and wanting to take over!  Even if the party is for you!

There are plenty of pre-made, fill-in the spaces shower invites out there, but I like a little personalization with mine.  I didn't like the designs, the colors, or the bias between male and female.  Some of the girl invites were cool!  Or they had the colors and/or themes I was going for, but many also had "IT"S A GIRL!"  on them, or were too dang much.  Plus I needed to add some notes!  My mom took care of her and my step dad's side with the fill-in IT'S A BOY! invitations.  Which I think is a bit redundant, simply because she asked, "Well, how will they know it's a boy?" the blue colors and the name Lycan, one would hope.  But I let her have it, and did my own thing.  I just hope that "IT'S A BOY!" isn't going to be plastered all over the shower....I'm not a big fan of redundancy or that theme.

My step mom took care of hers via the Facebook Events Invites.  Whatever floats your boat!

I went to Michaels and bought 20 5x7 blank cards and envelops in ivory (because it was the closest to pale yellow I could find) and green for $10.  I chose colors that were close to the theme we've picked for his room.  I went home and set up the page measurements on Microsoft, and added the information in pretty font and colors.

For the ivory cards, I printed in green, and on the green cards, I printed in blue.  Luckily the ivory cards weren't one page, they were doubled.  Using a cutting board, I cut the cardstock in half (then printed the invite).  With the 10 pages of scrape, I printed out the RVSP info twice, in green front, then cut them so I had 20.  (Good thing because I had actually forgotten about needing the RSVP cards!)  Though some of the RSVP cards in printed in blue due to issues with the printer.  Story of my life.

Since Lycan's room is a Turtle/Sea Life theme, I stamped the invites with a happy little turtle.  Ivory cards went inside the green envelopes and the Green in the white envelopes. 

I'm keeping one for his scrapbook! Ha!  Got it!


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