Monday, October 29, 2012

Fuck No!

My FBS was the lowest it's been since I started tracking it: 95, baby!  Yeah, suck on that!  Though I may have over did it a bit too much last night...though it could just be growing pains, my right hip is hurting.  Well, not so much now.  But the pain in my hip and knee was bad, bad enough to make me forget the pillow remedy, so I just got up.  Said, "Fuck it, I'm up!"  So today, still going work on his room (gotta lot done last night), but I'm going to take it slower. 

But my mind's on food!  That bad foods.  The evils.  The ones I can't have. 

Foodthings I miss: SUSHI, deli meats, pasta, cereal, and bread. :-(

Is it January yet????

When he's free from thy womb, I want a bouquet of Crunchy California, Sunday Morning, Hawaiian, Sweetheart, Fujiyama, Volcano, and some Unagi Sauce. 
 Gotta pay with sushi at the door before you can see my boy!!

::sigh:: Roughly 3 more months! Pasta was my sushi replacement, but now it's red grapes.  It's just not the same!

Aw, I was thinking about holiday's dinners and it hit me like a brick wall....I can't have pasta salad, macaroni salad, or even mac and cheese!  Those are some of my favorite sides!  I can't have freshly baked breads either!  Or stuffing!  Holy crap, talk about change!  The cakes and things, I can do without....or so I say now.  But ya just never realize how much you miss a food until you can't have it.  Concerning the pasta, breads, and cereals, it's only been a few days.  Oh, snap. 

Do you know how long it's been since I've had chocolate?  Simply because I don't want to risk it sky rocketing my blood sugar.  I haven't had chocolate since they called me back for the 3-hour test.  That's nuts for a chocaholic like me!  Not that I was pigging out on it before, as I had cut down significantly on my chocolate intake.  But still. 

But, it's for him.  My boy, who, even though I'm ready to push him forth from my loins (when he's ready, of course), I still enjoy feeling him moving.  Now that he's getting bigger, I can feel him in new places.  The other night, he kicked and moved my arm, which was resting against the side of my stomach.  I'm carrying him pretty low, from what I've seen of other preggos anyway, most of the movement is still down there.  But he is larger!  Last night my belly button jumped!  And I noticed it's not as deep as it used to be, lol. 

Maybe due to my slimming rolls of ivory I can't always feel him with my hand when he's moving.  I can only feel him when I'm barely touching my skin, despite that he's doin this thing.  Though now, perhaps due to him getting larger and/or me losing extra fat, I can feel him more and more by a normal touch.  It's just planning it out so hubby can feel it.  He's yet to feel him. 

At least I can still have some cooked fish and seafood, though.  I definitely appreciate my forbidden foods all the more.

Oh, well my two appointments are tomorrow, one in the am to check my logs, and the other around 1 with the DT.  Can't wait.  Then Thursday is my ultrasound, and Saturday our baby shower.  Gosh, I hope there will be diabetic friendly foods there....With my mom in charge, there oughta be!

Okay, the stomach commands and I must obey.


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