Thursday, October 11, 2012

Double Crap

I got it.  Damn it.  I knew I had GD but it just didn't hit home until I talked to that nurse a bit ago.  Two out of three tests, my blood sugar was elevated, which means I win.  I've been moved to the High Risk Clinic and will be receiving education, equipment, and a prescription on the 23rd.  Crap I should've asked her if I still had that appointment on the 19th.....well, someone from the clinic will be calling me soon, I'll just ask one of them.

Today, since we've been puttin it off repeatedly of going to the Department of Jobs and Family Services, I'm going to go ahead and print out the forms for Medicaid, or which ever one it is.  Medicaid, Medicare, not too friendly to a dyslexic.  But the cut off date for applications is fast approaching, which I didn't know there was one until the nurse at the ultrasound appointment informed us.  And I need to look into WIC.

What a difficult year we've had, between fighting depression early in the year, to hubby losing his great job and benefits, to having car insurance issues, to having problems finding jobs, to barely scraping by each month, and now our car needs work.  The only good thing....well, really great thing about it is our son.  Which now I'm just worried about his health.  Worried about my health.  Praying that the diabetes goes away after he's born, 1) for health reasons and 2) because I want more kids.  Shit. 

But things could be so much worse, health and living conditions.  And this will force the both of us to eat right.  Of course with this pregnancy, I have been eating right, minus my 5th month, but I'm back on it.  Force us to eat healthy and exercise, as that's been lacking lately, too.  But that's something we were going to do anyway when we had kids, healthy living; I didn't want them to grow up eating the same crap diet I did.  As a kid, I was very very active, but I was also fed a hillbilly diet!  Which is kind of funny, as an adult, I love cooking and baking, and my food isn't loaded with fats, salts, butters, sugars, or much's drastic difference between what I grew up eating and how I cook now. 

Things are starting to look up, if only a little bit.  Aside from having a second job, hubby just got a call back from Meyers...Meijers...yeah I think that's it.  Right now he's works for Home City Ice...and well, it being cold outside, business isn't exactly picking up.  His salary isn't set hourly, it's set by how much he sells.  What we need is a steady paying job.  I've been keeping my eyes open for the both of us, mainly for him because he's better abled than I am, what being nearly 6 months pregnant and having my learning disabilities, there's only so much I can do at the moment.  And we have family who're able to help us out. 

I may perform some spells, not just healing spells, but also job and money spells.  Normally I only do money spells when we're in dire need of them, and well, we're in dire need of them now. 

Damn, I just peed myself.  Stupid cough.  Stupider incontinence!  And that's where I'll end this blog...except today marks my 26th week, yay!  


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