Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Last night, while holding Marsden--who's doing fantastic btw--I happened to catch myself in the mirror.  After putting him back in his cage, I exclaimed much in the same tone of "I look good" with "Damn, I'm pregnant!"  And a big ass smile on my face.

That's right, not just fat anymore!  Thar be baby, too!  Baby and DD boobies!  It's strange to me, looking down, I don't notice too much of a change, though I can feel it (and soon my belly button will see the light of day once more!), so yeah, it was a bit of a surprise when I looked in the mirror.  I'm still losing weight, well slimming down, as I'm still gaining 1/2lb per week, as is predicted due to baby and boobies.  Due to a healthier diet and all of the internal work my body's doing, I'm losing as well. 

How can I tell? 

My rings don't fit me like they use to.  Now, I'm pretty disproportionate, weight distribution wise.  From my elbows to my finger tips and knees to my toes, they've always stayed slim.  I was expecting my rings to not fit, due to swelling and weight gain.  NOPE. That and my husband is noticing, too, though I keep saying that it's probably due to my larger boobs and belly. 

Everyday, I feel him more and more, often with words of, "Lycan's awake." 

I thought that with me already having a large stomach that I wouldn't stretch out too much, but now, at 5 1/2 months, give or take, that's not the case.  My skin is getting tighter and I feeling more surface pain as Lycan and my uterus grow.  I'm not worried about stretch marks, as I already got those, but now I'm wondering how much larger I'm going to get.  Heck, I still have 3 1/2 months left of growth!

But until then, I've got to plan for a Samhain costume.  I want to do something special for Lycan, and I had wanted to do the prom queen thing, which is a flop due to be broke.  So then I thought of painting my belly, as many mom's do...but 1) I don't want my stomach hanging out and 2) I suck at drawing a moon on paper, let alone painting one on my stomach....  I was going to do a full moon with a werewolf fetus. 

So, now, I'm just going to utilize what we do have and be a Harvest Goddess instead.  I'll use my Roman Empress costume from our wedding night (useful since Samhain is our 2nd anni), and wrap myself with a garland of fall leaves, wearing a "crown" (a wreath) of gourds, grain, twigs, berries, and leaves.  Fits, since for me anyway, Samhain ("summer's end") is the Last Harvest and I'll actually be a pregnant Harvest/Mother Goddess. 

Crazy to think that around Samhain I'm going to be roughly 29 weeks preggo!  I'll be in my third trimester, totin around an acorn squash.  Roughly!  I want to have great picture taken of our growing family on Samhain, so I can add the picture to our Handfasting Shrine. 

Time for eats!


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  1. You look great!

    My belly button doesn't "pop" with pregnancy. It's rebellious.

    Halloween is a pain in the butt when you're pregnant, isn't it? I really wanted either a Borg cube or The Death Star painted on my belly, but I don't know anyone talented enough to do either. So I'm just leaving out the pregnancy aspect completely, and being a 1930's gun moll. ;)