Monday, October 1, 2012

Crying Over Cravings

Not being able to eat what you're craving can be so defeating.  At Quaker Steak, I almost cried when I learned that they discontinued my favorite wing sauce - honey mustard.  Tonight I actually did cry when our pot of chili turned out way too spicy.  Hubby loves it, but I can't eat it.  Even after adding potatoes, soar cream, more beans, cheese, and other stuff..... :*-(  

I learned my lesson of never allowing him to add the spices...even though I told him exactly what to add, let me deal with the peppers after the meat is done.  He loves spicy, and I'm not that into it.  I like some spicy foods, but then again, they're not super spicy like this batch of chili. 

But he feels terrible and is going to make me my own batch of chili and promises to let me do the seasonings. 

Never thought I'd actually get so upset that I'd ball my eyes out over not being able to satisfy a craving...


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  1. You are not alone.

    For two weeks toward the end of my first trimester, I would not stop whining until I got Pad Thai.

    Everything I ate paled in comparison to that ONE intense craving. Nothing satisfied me. Nothing stopped me from wanting that Pad Thai.

    Until... one day... I found a *very* elaborate recipe for how to make it. My husband did it and, magickally, after eating it, I was finally whole again. ;)