Saturday, October 6, 2012


So the hospital called and left a message, which is almost never a good thing.  So, chances are that I have GD.  How bad is it, who knows (until I call them)?  But I may start doing healing sessions with myself to keep the GD from getting worse (so I don't develop diabetes after my son's born) and to ensure that no harm comes to Lycan, especially if I have to take medications.  Stupid family history.  But I was weirdly comforted by two other women who were there having to take the same test.  Hopefully they fall into the 40%; though one lady's mom was there and she had also taken the 3-hour test.  Whether or not she had GD, I dunno, didn't ask.  I was trying to read Drawing Down the Moon to keep my mind off of food.  What a droll book...

It's just been a fun week.  Had the 3-hour test and my arms are all bruised.  Four needles will do that to ya, especially when they stick ya with a fifth due to stubborn veins.  Which is weird, because one of the reasons why the Red Cross loves me is due to my "juicy" veins!  She didn't have any problem with the other arm.

Stepped on my ferret on Wednesday night, he spent the night in the hospital while I stayed home crying my eyes out.  But at least we were approved for credit, which meant he got the care he needed (we had no money! Definitely not $586.50 to keep him overnight!  Damn exotic pet rate.).  If he was at home, I would've been worse.  And we don't have any hospital bills to pay.  Someone's lookin out.  We've been continuing the trauma with forced medications for his little turd butt.  But he gets treats afterwards!

I'm a little traumatized, I now hate the corner of the couch and an online game, because that's where I was heading when I stepped on him.  I still feel bad, even though he's okay.  SO glad hubby kept a level head because I was freaking out and crumbling.  Blaming myself over and over.  So he was trying to keep my 25 week ass calm, find a 24-hour vet place, and take care of Marsden. 

It's difficult to focus on healing when you're having a melt down.  And I had to keep thinking about Lycan and not getting too stressed out.  PLUS I needed to calm myself for Marsden's sake!  Even though I kept apologizing to him over and over and over, while sending him healing and comforting energies.  When we got home, I set up thank you candles to the Spirits and a healing candle for him.  Anytime I broke down, I calmed myself and visualized him all better and back to his crazy self (neither of us had gotten a lot of sleep).  Like I said, he's a thousand times better and I'm thankful for that.  Never thought I'd love that stinky little weasel as much as I do. 

I hope I don't fall a part like that when Lycan hurts himself!  I don't think I will, normally I'm calm under pressure.  Partially, I blame hormones. 

Then the human hospital left their message and it was too late for me to call them back yesterday.  I had a minor dyscalculia freak out during a card game with friends last night.  I hate math. 

But today's a new day.  Marsden's improved to where he's now sleeping in his beds instead of on the bottom of his cage.  And I'm going to Babies 'r' Us to finish my registry later with my step mom....who's informed me that she's already done my invitations!  A project that I wanted US to do TOGETHER!  One reason, to include her, and two reason so I have control over what goes on and how they're decorated.  I'm a controlling Aries, what can I say? 

Le sigh.  Hopefully it's not as bad as it sounds.  I doubt that she followed my color scheme or theme.  I dunno.  We'll see. 

This has been one heck of a week.  Whoo. 



  1. Wow. What a rough week! Well, *hugs* to you. I ran over my familiar once when he accidentally got outside. Broke his pelvis. He healed and lived another 5 years, so I know the guilt.

    Here's hoping your weekend is relaxing, Marsden heals quickly, everything settles down, and - if the hospital gives you bad news - you are able to manage the GD with very little stress and effort.

    1. Thanks. It's the worst guilt, too!

      That's what I keep telling myself - that it's easier to manage than the other types.

      Things are looking up again, as we just got $20 off of our rent next month for my accidental garden of gourds and a watermelon! Sweet. :-D