Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming Together

Lycan seems to be a music lover, as he's most active when we have some playing, or I'm singing.  Or maybe it's just that I can feel him more and more?  Eh, a little of both.  Even though hubby has Mega Douche--er--Death playing, Lycan's just squirming and kicking.  He made my stomach move noticeably this morning; and earlier this evening, I was actually granted access to feel a kick or two with my hand. 

We "fixed" the chili; it was more edible today, though I still couldn't do a full bowl.  Instead, like last night, I had two bowls of salad with ranch, cheese, craisins, and raspberries.   Yum! 

I did finally get around to packing some things in the art studio yesterday, or at least clear some space for the crib.  When hubs got home, after adding more sauce to the chili, he put together the crib:

Then he said, looking at his work, "Shit just got real."  In a text my brother assured us that it gets even realer.  lol.  No, duh!  Before getting in the shower a bit ago, I took in my nude self and could actually tell that I have a preggo belly!  It's not as noticeable as most average sized women, but it's there.  I'll probably end up taking a picture tomorrow with our fantastically crappy and poor quality camera phone. 

I hope to get a new camera before Lycan's born so I can do my take of the Venus of Wilendorf, including covering my head and face with a knitted hat, something similar to what the sculpture is wearing.  Heck, I can already do the boob thing She's doing--the girls have grown two cup sizes!  Though they're not quite as perky as Hers are ;-)  My milk jugs, lol. 

Tomorrow morning's my 3-hour glucose screening test.  I just hope that I don't throw the stuff up, after all I'll be drinking pure sugar on an empty stomach.  I almost threw it up last time....blah.  And I'm really hoping that the results are nothing too serious.  If all I have to do is manage my diet, no problem.  Even if I have to take meds, I'm hoping that GD goes away after he's born. And of course, I want  him to be healthy and for us to not have any problems. 

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  1. Heh, good job! I haven't even bought a crib. Keep trying to score a used one (ya know - reduce, reuse, recycle), and they keep getting scooped out from under me. If I can't get one this week, I'm hitting the furniture store on Saturday.

    Good luck with the 3-hour screen!