Thursday, October 25, 2012

Captian's Log, Stardate 10.25.2012

First day of my Third Trimester!  Yay!

Cropped out my head because I forgot to wear my veil.  
And yes, we've traded a crappy phone camera 
for an even crappier camera phone... but at least we have a phone now.
Why yes, I do have an awesome fashion sense :-)

We're almost there!  Roughly 3 months until Lycan's out of me!  I'm supposed to roughly gain 11 pounds this trimester too, which oughta be interesting since, as I've said, I'm gaining where needed, but also slimming down due to a healthier diet and more activity. 

Day 2 of the Blood Sugar logs and I'm more hopeful than I was yesterday.  Wednesday night, when my friend showed me how to use the kit, my BS came back at 193.  Then in the morning, when I tested it, it was 150.  Well, when I tested a bit ago (about to do it here in 7 minutes), it was at 98!  In addition to recording times and levels, I'm also recording what I'm eating, which has been helpful in understanding it more.  Seeing is believing after all.

Wednesday night, I had pigged out on 4 pieces of homemade ranch pizza, and carbs are apparently not my friends!  It's a low carb diet with no processed sugars.  Tonight, I'm making cheese tortellini (because sadly my weakness is pasta :-( Pasta's like my sushi replacement!) with queso and chicken, with a salad.  So we'll see how that goes.  Your body needs carbs, and my doctor said low carbs, not no carbs. 

Ow, okay so apparently not only is my right index finger more "juicey" than the left, but it's also a more of a pansy.  It's stinging!  BS is up a bit more--104--apparently 4 scrabbled eggs and/or cinnamon applesauce is a little too much.  But eating just a salad doesn't fill me up :-( .   Le sigh, hopefully the Diabetic Teacher will be able to shine a bit more light on this: keep it low and make me full.  All right, I'm off to make dinner.

And I'm excited again for hubby's birthday, Samhain, and our anniversary!

PS Red grapes are AWESOME!  This pregnancy's made me realize just how great they really are.  Perfect little snacks.  But i don't like the purple kind.  Only somewhat like the green kind (I refuse to call them white; they're green).  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red kind!  YUM!



  1. Mmmm, pasta! I adore carbs and must admit I'd have a hard time on a low-carb diet. But I do know how high in sugar carbs are! I'm glad the blood sugar isn't steadily high, and I'm sure both you and Lycan will be healthy.

    Wow, so much going on!

    Welcome to the Third Trimester - the beginning of the end! ;)

    1. why must carbs be evil?!?!?! Never realize how much ya miss em when ya can't have deli meats or sushi :-( But it's for a good reason, and I am losing weight where needed. It's a necessary evil.

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