Thursday, September 20, 2012

Week 23 Check-In

What do I miss about not being pregnant?  I miss not throwing up every time I smell something rotten food or dog poop...or dog vomit, or dirty, sweaty husband or raw meat (which all smells spoiled to me now)....  I am not a vomitter, heck the only times I could do it was via finger or virus.  But this pregnancy thing has me doing it at a drop of a dime.  SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At least it gives me time to get to a toilet...or a sink.  Sinks are my favorite because they're tall person friendly, whereas toilets allow for lots of splash back.  And it's hard enough to get up out of a crouching position as it is.  Though you can't flush a sink.

And the crouching thing?  I dropped some DO in Kroger yesterday, started to crouch down to get it, then decided, fuck it.  Too much work.  How awkward would it have been if I got stuck crouched?  lol. 

If I was wearing my flappers I would've used my toes to pick it up, as sanitary as that is, but I wasn't.  Using my feet more and more, especially when I drop things...or if it's just an inconvenience.  Except the ferret went ahead and "re-arranged" our dvds on the bottom shelf last night...might have the husband do that one for me. 

But I'm 23 weeks!

Yay, no longer an alien!

And am feeling LW moving around a lot more.  The bubbles are turning more into actual kicks and pushing.  I mean, there's roughly a Barbie doll down there, I'm bound to feel more prominent movement.  Soon it'll feel likes there's a Chest Burster squirming around, only instead of an alien coming from my chest, it'll be a human bursting forth from my loins.

Shoot, if I think I'm winded now, just wait! 

So I sent my step mom that email and today she cancelled the event until further notice.  Hey I'm cool with just one shower...just as long as mom and grams gives me control over the colors and the invites.  They can do everything else!  Food, cake, decorations, activities; it's all in their hands.  Like I've said, I just don't want to be drowned in pink or blue, and I like decorating invitations. 

Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow and in a week, HOPEFULLY Little Wren will co-operate and show us the goods.  So I can either decorate the invites with green and blue turtles or purple and green butterflies.....ya know depending on the theme of their bedroom.  But if they continue to be modest, Lion King it is! Which will not make my mom happy, and I just think it's funny. 

That's the update for now! 


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  1. Aliens everywhere!

    Yeah, the crouching/bending over/getting close to the ground thing? Fugghedaboudit. I feel the same way.