Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Music, Restrictions, and Phobias

There's something satisfying and special about singing out loud, knowing that the baby can hear me.  My distorted voice and this muffled music.  Hubby will be happy to know that I'm finally playing the playlists he made for LW, too.  A mixture of metal, alternative, classical, pop, folk, rock, big band, swing, jazz, rap, hip hop, R&B, and whatever eclectic else is on this computer.  Though I've yet to do my share of making up the playlists.  lol.  Eh, it's just not a priority, I dunno. 

So I was reading What to Expect When You're Expecting, a book that I'm so glad I didn't buy, because most of the information I've already read on pregnancy sites and whatnot, and other bits that are just common sense, at least in my world.  There's a part on playing music and reading to your unborn child to stimulate them, and some stupid sci-fy thought of creating a "super baby".  Whatever.  But the book emphasises on letting the child know that it's loved. 

Um, duh? 

I don't understand why you can't do both: educate and let them know they're loved?  Why pick one over the other?  I dunno, reminds me of that love and light nonsense, but whatever.  Kind of irked me and reminded me during the playlist.  Not everyone who chooses to educate their child from a young age is going to go to extremes.  Save that nonsense for television.  As a parent, you're supposed to teach your child.  Whatever, I'm probably just over thinking.  Happens.

This morning, at 4:30 am, Little Wren woke me up from a dead sleep, kicking like crazy.  Of course, when I put my hand down there, he/she stopped.  Of course.  Kid's moving now, too.  A bit anyway.  But I ended up not falling back to sleep sometime after hubby left for work.  It was nice and annoying at the same time.  At least I didn't have a job to go to.  Just more unemployment to wake up to. 

I'm also talking to this kid about not being so modest come Thursday.  Tellin him/her that we want to know their sex.  Turtles, Butterflies, or Lion King?  Which is it?  Regardless of LW co-operating Thursday, I'm doing the gift registry on Saturday because I want to.  It's exciting, isn't it?  At least, let me scan the furniture I want, then move on to other practical matters, that hopefully aren't in complete gender biased colors.  I'm such a stickler about that.  I want to know LW's gender so we can stop calling him/her an it and stop using the slashes, but part of me is fine with not knowing either because of the color scheme. 

I'm odd.  I'd much rather be drowned in Lion King, than Pink, Blue, or Pooh.  Come time for the shower planning, I am taking some control over the color scheme and the invitations.  There's information for the invites that I need to have on there.  Yes, on the gift registry, it tells people what to buy, but at the same time, there are women who think they know what's best for your child.  Annoys the shit out of me. 

The only time I've done something like this, was when my SIL asked for a double stroller for her twins.  They wanted the kind where the kids are side-by-side.  That's not practical.  How many doors will you be able to fit through?  So we bought her the single-file line kind.  We also talked about it first.  

  1. Please nothing religious.
  2. Due to my skin allergies, only purchase sensitive skin and non-scented products.  I cannot stress this part enough.  It's great that you want my kid to smell good, but if I can't use it, what's the point?
  3. No clowns or porcelain faced dolls.  I will throw these objects away, due to my phobias.  I am  not kidding.

Obviously, these things will be more polite and shorter, but it's not asking too much.  Maybe I'm being a typical controlling, irrational anal Aries, but....  Though like the wedding, if this stuff does pop up, hopefully I'll be able to exchange it.  But if any of it falls under 3, uh...there gonna be problems.  I don't handle either very well.  But I doubt it'll be a problem.  Who gives that shit to an infant anyway? 

Though my mom had clowns as my theme....::shudders::  I always hid the clowns and yet mom would always find them and hang them back up.  It's like mom, WTF?  Then I had this 6 foot tall stuffed clown that sat on my dresser.  Damn thing scared the shit out of me!  For weeks I'd sleep in my mom's bed.  I remember once, I had to get a pair of underwear, I ran in, grab what I needed, and ran out.  After my parents divorce, my cousin and I set that damn, creepy ass clown on fire in the back yard.  I swear it was possessed!  Like those damn Furbies.  Hated those creepy ass things too.

And dolls....don't get me started on them.  Barbies I was cool with, but dolls?  Oh, hell, no.  Especially the porcelain faced kind?  My grandma collects them, and has a room where the walls are FILLED with those creepy ass things.  Rag dolls I was cool with, too, but that's it.  

Heck, I wish I could do a gift registry with Etsy, as there's a ton of things on that site that I wouldn't mind having, all baby and nursing related.  But most of it is also Pagan related and I said nothing religious.  Just gonna have to wait until we both have secure, steady jobs.  


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