Friday, September 21, 2012


Had a loooonnng appointment today.  At least the waiting was long, the actual appointment, not so much.  I actually fell asleep.  Good thing hubby was there.  lol.  Went in, talked to the social worker, heard the baby's heartbeat, and left.  Though I had to do the glucose screening.  The liquid you drink isn't too bad, I guess; the after taste was horrible.  We had to wait an hour before blood was drawn, so we walked around the outside of the building.  Then the nausea hit--stuff was too sweet.  I stopped and gagged and a security car rolled up to see if I was okay.  That was nice of him to check on me.  Went back in to sit down instead. 

Got my blood taken and finally got to eat something.  I was starving!  Possible reason why I was nauseous. 

But the doctor said that the only way they can measure my womb is via ultrasounds, due to having "extra fluff", aka being fat.  Hey, whatever, more times I get to see my baby, the better!  So each doctor's appointment from here on out will be a growth....scan...thingy.  Aka ultrasound.  Not the detailed ones that they have up in the main building, just the basic scans.  That's fine. 

I get nervous, as I'm sure many moms do, when I don't feel anything for a couple days.  It's funny, because this kid is sooooo active, even the doctor said it today, that one would think I'd--or any mom--would feel it more.  But I did feel a little bubblin a bit ago.  I thought I had this kid's sleeping schedule figured out, but I was wrong. 

I'm sure that'll change once Little Wren gets bigger.  Is it sad that I just wanna do the gift registry already?  I should wait until we learn the gender (if ever), but I'm just so excited. 


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