Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dreams, Nicknames, and Unneeded Mini Lectures!

Almost finished with my 5th month!  Call me slow, but the other day I realized that I was finally preggo in September.  lol.   This morning I woke up at 4 am, due to movement and gas.  So it was a combination of "AW!" and "UGH!"  Finally fell back to sleep around 7 am.  After hubby told me of a weird dream he had.

Our dog had eaten one of my dildos whole, and hubs had to help him poop it out.  I laughed my butt off, before saying, "Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to have the the crazy dreams!"  Though I did have one, but can't remember it....but I remember the first dream I had, in it, like so many lately, Little Wren was already born, only this time, SHE was still a baby.  Lately when I have a boy, he's rapidly ages to 4-years-old, then stops.  But the Rylie's stay little.  She slept and slept and slept, much like her newborn cousin Gabbi does.

Speaking of "Gabbi", the other day, my SIL said that she didn't want anyone to nickname her daughter "Gabbi" or "Ella", but wanted "Briella" or "Brie".  Like, you can't tell people what to nickname your kid.  YOU can nickname her whatever, but other people have their own mindset.  So, my other SIL, my MIL, and I are going to nickname her "Gabbi", just to annoy her mother.  I mean, one reason, of many, that I didn't want to name my first daughter "Mercilisa" (mer-sah-lee-sah), is because I didn't want people to call her "Lisa" or "Mersa" (like the virus).  I was fine with "Merce" and "Mercy", but ya can't control people on what to call your kid!

Shoot, my bff and kid's godmother has already told me that if Little Wren is a girl, she's totally nicknaming her "Rye Bread".  BFF is BIG on giving nicknames to everything!  Like she's "A-Cat".  Hubs is "D-Dog" and I'm "K-Bird".  lol  One of our friends is a huge lover of cows, but it wasn't right to nn her it's "A-Moo".  Or "Annie Fannie".  Her nn for A-Cat is "Allie Mae", which has kind of stuck.  And my nn for my hubby is "Duh Dave".

Nicknames are everywhere!

My mom calls me "Kris", gross.  But she's the ONLY person permitted to call me that.  I hate "Kris", I associate it with boys, because my cousin (close in age) is Christopher, who goes by "Chris".  Nothing but confusion when he's around!  My aunt call me "Pepi" after "Pepi la Pew" or however you spell it.  Random cousins call me "Krissy" or "Orca".   And my dad calls me "Kris-pee Creme" sometimes.  An eye-roller there!  He claims I was named after that doughnut company, though mom says I was named after some actress he loved.  She apparently wanted to name me "Brendan" (horrid, since my brother is Brandon) or "Ryan", which I actually like.  Too bad she didn't get her way...

Though following Fauver tradition, my name was supposed to be "Hester Ann" after my grandma.  So glad my mom had a mind of her own, at least at that moment!  Guess it pissed grandma off, breaking tradition and all.  lol, Some of my friends, like A-Moo, also call me "Hester".   Which makes me wonder why on Earth I tell people about that story....

Though I don't know what we'll come up with if LW is Lycan....

But my point is, various nicknames are bound to happen and there's just no stopping it or controlling people.  Even if Gabs goes by "Briella", I'm calling her "Ella", just in spite of her mom.  Eh, unless Gabbi doesn't like it. 

Yeah, so yesterday was a bad day, mood wise.  I was sooooo bitchy.  lol.  By the evening, I'd chilled out and we went over to his moms, because hub's sister is in town (and I love her).  Had a good time.  Ate lots of pasta (which is why I was so gassy this morning), and saw my nieces and nephews.

Oh, yeah, Happy First Birthday to Judah and Morgan!!

At the end of the night, my MIL was about to change Justin's diaper, and I said, "Well, we should probably leave, just in case he pooped, otherwise I'll throw up."

My MIL said, "Well, you better get over that real quick."

I nicely replied through gritted teeth, "Well, I'm only super sensitive to foul smells because I'm pregnant."  When I really wanted to say, "No shit, Sherlock!  My hormones will make me vomit faster than you can sneeze!"  But I held my tongue; a virtue I'm learning about lately.  Grabbing the hormonal ram by the horns ain't easy! 

And another thing, when my mom first learned we were preggo, she tried to convince us to get rid of our ferret.  Then last week, my step mom's friend--who's a vet assistant or something--tried to do the same thing.  Saying that her teacher said that ferrets are known to kill newborns. 

That might be true, because ferrets are predators, but your baby's is more likely to be killed by your cat than a jealous ferret.  First off, I'd be putting that on the parents and not on the ferret.  What's a parent doing that they're leaving the two out at the same time...ALONE?  That's not very hygienic, first off.  You wouldn't let a hamster or a g-pig crawl all over your kid.  And second, if you can't hear your kid screaming and crying as the ferret attacks it, that's neglect.  That's not on the ferret that's on the guardian!

She talked to me like I was stupid or something.  Believe it or not, lady, I probably know more about animals than you do; maybe not medically but behaviorally yeah.  I certainly know about the possible dangers between pets and newborns.  I wasn't born yesterday.  Your newborn is more likely to be killed by your jealous dog than a ferret!

I don't understand how some people can leave their ferrets out all the time, or give them as much freedom as some give them.  Perhaps their home is better ferret-proofed than mine is.  Hey kudos to them.  When Marsden's out, he has access to the living room, kitchen, hallway, and backroom, but only because there's no doors.  He's not allowed in our rooms or the bathroom.  Even if he was in those areas, the room's are ferret proofed.  And he's supervised.  When he makes an unfamiliar noise, I check it out.

When we have the kid, they will not be out at the same time.  Even if I'm in the kid's room with the baby, and hubby's out with the ferret.  Nor will the ferret be allow to crawl on the baby's stuff and vice versa.  She just kept saying, "Okay, I just wanted to make sure you've thought about this stuff."  Um, fucking duh!  Stop assuming things!  Maybe give me the benefit of the doubt that I've done my homework.  I'm like my brother, I'm going to do my research BEFORE buying the pet.  If anything, we're going to have more issues with our dog than the ferret!

Bear's got Chow Chow in him; not a very nice breed.  Hopefully his attitude will change when he realizes that the baby is part of our family.  The moment he shows aggression towards Little Wren, he's out.  Back to my MIL's.  That's because you don't leave the two together unless you know how the other will react.  I don't know about other owners, but my ferret's unpredictable!  I love him to death, but he's crazy as hell.  Knowing that, I'm smart enough to NOT have him and the baby out at the same time. 

And I know that, with the ferret anyway, that it's out of love and care, but sometimes I don't want to hear it.  Parts of me are wondering if the "Ferrets have killed newborns" is just more of that negativity towards ferrets?  Like the negativity towards pit bulls?  When we first bought Mars, this is the same lady who said that it was illegal to own them in our county and that I had to get rid of him.  Riiiiiiigghhhhtt, that's why they not only breed and sell ferrets in this county, but also sell ferret needs and books, right?   I wasn't born yesterday.

Mini rant over.  The stomach hungers....  and I'm sure they're be more stories of "Unwanted Advice" later, as well as many more tests of my tongue. 


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  1. Augh, I hated the lectures when I was pregnant with my son. ESPECIALLY the "You should get rid of your pets" lectures. *rolls eyes*

    This time around, no one is giving me any shit. I guess because I managed to do a halfway decent job of getting my first son all the way to the age of 9, and he's still alive. Whoa! ;)