Sunday, September 16, 2012

Drama Llama Island!

Earlier my step mom called and said that she's doing her own baby shower and I zoned out because I didn't really care.  As usual my dad's side are being drama kings and queens concerning my mom.  None of them like her.  The fact that she's hosting a party for me, even though it's in a neutral location, they don't like it.  Because it means it would be a mix of both sides.  They just need to grow up and realize that it's not about them.  It's a party for me and my unborn child.  If they were able to put their differences aside for my bridal shower and our handfasting, they should be able to do it for the baby shower, too...right?  But lovers of drama, so they're having their own.

Whatever, I can seriously do without the stress of their childish, selfish baggage right now.  

My step mom said something about having it on something 1st.  I heard it as -1st, like 21st, then realized that wasn't right.  Why so close to Thanksgiving?  I got on Facebook and saw she invited me to her baby shower...for December 1st.

What?  I marked "Maybe", lol.

Now she's never been pregnant, so of course to her, this is fine and dandy like cotton candy.  For me, I'm already exhausted and uncomfortable, can't imagine how that's going to be nearing the end of my third trimester....I want to be able to enjoy myself, if that's at all possible.  So it makes sense for me to mark "Maybe".  Right?

Nah, I'm joking, I'd go.  But still, bad planning on her part!  

I sent her an email, asking her to move the date to November.  My mom's is happening early November.  I didn't want to have a December baby shower for a number of reasons: 1) I'm going to be in my Third Trimester.  That in itself has a list of issues with it.  2) It's the month of Christmas.  People are already going to be stressed out and irritable, and rightly so having money stashed or spent on presents for their family.  I get it.  My baby shower doesn't need to be on their To Do list.  3) What if we happen to have a normal freaking winter?  I'm not a fan of driving in snow and ice; I know others don't care for it either; and I'd rather not have them risk life and limb with other crazy drivers on my behalf.  4) The bitter cold makes me miserable.  5) I believe we're supposed to go out of town for the first of December, depending on if my doctor says it's okay for me to ride 2 hours down to West Virginia. 

Tomorrow, after my job interview, I need to call my mom and get the deets of when and where for her party.  As well as a when we can get together to make and send out the invitations (and find out about that family reunion), AND call my step mom about her party. 

Drama Llama Island.  Maybe that should be the theme of the second party.  Not to mention I might have a job by then, and I'm already going to be taking off a number of doctor appointment days (especially towards the end), plus a day for the first party, then  a day for the second party, and finally  for that weekend in December?  All during the holiday seasons?  What?  Damn, I'm going to lose this job before I get it!  Now I get why some companies don't want to risk hiring a 5 month pregnant woman.  They losing money!  Shit!  But this company seems reasonable, I mean they know I'm pregnant.  So we'll see.

Night night for me.

Well we would have to work on invitations IF next month was November like I've been thinking...instead of my most favorite month of the year.  lol


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  1. Oh, those types of people. I know how that goes!

    And, yeah, by the third trimester, who wants to party? Even if you're just sitting there, it takes energy to "ooh" and "aah" over baby things.

    Plus, yes, the holidays. Who needs the extra gift-giving? Everything you say makes perfect sense. Isn't it a pain, being a rational person among irrational other-persons? LOL