Friday, September 7, 2012

And the Verdict????

Well, with heartburn and hip pain keeping me up, might as well talk about yesterday's ultrasound.  Yesterday was the big one!  The day we saw Little Wren's organs, more in-depth appearance, and gender!

My hubby and mom came with me (mom was jealous that they warm the gel up nowadays); all of us thoroughly excited about seeing the little 21 weeker:

Little Wren's Face

And I finally felt comfortable with telling mom our name if it's a boy....Lycan. "You mean like the werewolves?"  "Yeah."  She started laughing, but liked it.  Which surprised me.  She's just full of surprises this year!

This baby is a mover, very very active!  And is a "stinker", a stubborn little stinker, as the tech said.  Already known, as Little Wren refused to move the way that the techs wanted...or to show us the goods!  That's right, second ultrasound in and still don't know the gender.  My mom was in shock, I think.  lol.  However due to the baby not cooperating today, we're going back on September 27th for another one.

Maybe they'll get this stubbornness out of their system by the time they're born...yeah?  ;-)

But we got to see and hear the heart beat, which was really cool.  Strong and healthy.  At one point, the baby had its left foot up by its face, which illicited a collective "Aw!" from the 6 of us in the room (me, hubs, mom, main tech, tech in training, and student).  And reminded me of those young days of toe sucking (I have a really good long term memory!).

Mom was surprised that I couldn't feel any of the movement, though now, due to sensitivity (the tech's pressed really hard for the images; ouch!) I think I can feel movement once in a while.  Movement that's not gas. 

But the hot question on everyone's lips was...."What's the verdict????"    Our only answer being, "Your guess is as good as ours."  I guess my SIL had a hard time identifying their daughter (for the longest time, they thought she was a boy), which gives me hope that Little Wren is a girl, though I've been getting the feeling that LW may indeed be Lycan Wren.  I guess one of our guy friends thinks it's a girl, only because of their stubborn attitude and the trouble LW's been giving the techs.  lol

Oh and my favorite response being, "Our baby's not stubborn, they're just modest!"  ;-)  I swear, we actually want to know the gender and Little Wren ain't giving it up!

Hopefully we'll learn before the shower!  If not, Target has an adorable The Lion King crib set that I'd love to have for a neutral theme.  Nor is it as expensive as the other two themes I've picked out for gender specifics.  Mom won't be too happy, as she's not all that excited about buying greens, browns, and yellows (for some reason people forget that there are other colors out there!), but she'll live.  And I guess I'll get my wish of not being drowned in pink or blue!


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  1. If only there was a foolproof way to tell, other than seeing with your eyes, eh? ;)

    Honestly, I thought I was pregnant with a girl, because this pregnancy is so different from my first (10 years ago). This baby is an insane little ball of energy, made me dead to the world the first trimester, and I had all the classic "signs" of it being a girl.

    But, no, it's a boy (which rocks, because I'm used to rearing a boy).

    Though we did find out at 16 weeks, so the "diagnosis" is still a tad iffy... Though the nub was pretty well-rounded. ;)

    They're sending me for a 4th ultrasound in the 3rd trimester (I get extras due to Advanced Maternal Age). I never go in expecting to hear about the gender, but it's nice if they do manage to get the goods.

    Hope next time you go, Little Wren will flash you. ;)