Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amulets and Turtles

Last night, I slept fairly well.  In my dream, someone, be them a Spirit or just a dream person, gave me an amulet to guard against nightmares.  The only thing that woke me up was just being hot, around 1 am, on the dot.  Oh, and of course, those preggo pees. 

We went to the doctor today, and sitting there, a tiny voice just kept saying "It's a boy.  Boy.  Boy."  Hubby told me about a dream he had.  We were at a friends house to use their pool.  In the pool there was a large turtle happily swimming in circles. 

Saw Little Wren, just as active as ever.  Head-down, this time facing my back, still as uncooperative as ever.  Though apparently, LW listened to mommy and showed us what we wanted to see the most. 


I was right, LW stands for Lycan Wren.  He's no longer an "It" or a "He/She".  All of the Turtles we've been seeing and dreaming about make sense now.  Which I already had my suspicions. 

I called my mom who's more than excited, claiming that my brother and step brother are going to be jealous.  They wanted boys, but both got girls.  Though I wanted a girl, though it's a 50/50 chance. On my mom's side, I've got the first boy.  He's healthy, active, and in the 50th percentile in size.  Oh, and I'm in my 24th week. 

Glucose screening, I called and they said that my blood sugar was high, a 202.  So on the 3rd I'm going in for the 3-hour, can't eat nothing for 12-hour blood tests.  GD is the most manageable of the diabetes and generally it only lasts until the baby is born.  I was pretty upset about it, but I'm calmer.  I'll manage, not like we have a choice.  I'll do what I need to to ensure that we're both healthy and happy.  Meanwhile, I'll enjoy this pregnancy. 



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  1. Woo hoo! I love having a boy and am excited to have a second. Congratulations!

    Ahhh, the glucose test. I'm 25 weeks and have to pop in for that a few days before my 28 week appointment. Fun, fun, fun! That sucks that you need to do the 3-hour. I hope it turns out just fine. :)