Thursday, August 30, 2012

Preggo Safe Smudges

I ran into a issue a couple weeks ago concerning smudgings and pregnancy.  Normally I smudge the house with sage every 3 months, kicking out negative, unfriendly energies and spirits, and allowing positive and good ones to stay.  I lay down the ground rules and light candles in thanks for those Spirits who remain to watch over us, guide us, and so on.  Spirits can stay in our home as long as they're cool, don't try to scare us or cause trouble.  Respect, both ways.

But since being preggo, I came across a lot of non-safe herbs.  I know most of them were "do not ingest (in large amounts)" and others concerned the oils, in terms of not letting it soak into your skin...or so some sites told me, especially essential oils.  I decided, "Okay, I won't cook, ingest, anoint, or burn them in any form."  Which sadly includes many of my favorite herbs, such as Lavender, Rosemary, and Chamomile.  I'm going through sushi.  And my favorite to smudge with, Sage and Lavender.  Oh, am I having Lavender withdraws, from cooking with it, to anointing myself with it, to drinking it.  It's not fair.  :-(  But I'll live.  It like not having sushi, I will live.  I'll probably drown myself in it when baby is born, but I'll live. 

I couldn't use Fennel or Basil either, as they were on my no-no list.  So for me and my fears, they're completely off limits until this kid is born.  I've read of some mom's who continued to use some herbs regardless, be them either not knowing, not caring (perhaps they used it before with another pregnancy or knew another who did without a problem).  Then again, there are doctors who are against using any type of honey.  And some herbs haven't been researched.   Some experts are more anal than others, as I'm learning.  Just be careful.  I'm not an expert, I'm just telling my experience.  What works for some, doesn't work for others!

Okay, I had to reach into my Witchy File of safe preggo herbs and things for purification.  Really had to revisit old lessons and correspondences.  Apparently I was a little rusty, I mean, if something works, one doesn't tend to go back for other methods.  And found that like many Witches, I had nothing concerning pregnant women.  So...I do now, from both Witch sources, herbalists, and doctor sources.  Yep, I'll soon have added a Preggo Safe chapter in my Pagan Parenting binder (being sure to update when need be). 

These are just a few suggestions (of smudgings and cleansings), there are many other combinations and things you can try.  Concerning herbs or oils, be sure to ask your doctor, midwife, local herbalists, someone who actually knows what they're talking about, and cross check your sources.  

  • Smudge with Rose incense
  • Anoint windows with Rose Oil or Water
  • Anoint/sprinkle with Magikal Waters (get creative, making magikal waters is easy, depending on your method; can be as simple as collecting river water, rain water, or leaving a jar out in sun or moonlight).
  • Sprinkle cleansed water around your home.
  • Place Quartz in each room to draw the negative energies into them (though I was worried that the Quartz may also amplify the energies).  I know that there's several different types of Quartz, as I mostly work with Amethyst and Rose Quartz, but others I'd read about I hadn't worked with, so I wasn't sure, and being pregnant, I didn't want to experiment too much.  I'd much rather wait until after the baby's born before I experimented.  Call me a worry wart!  But having had a miscarriage, I don't want to take any chances. 
  • Use a Rattle to dispell the energies.  But I was worried that the rattle would chase away all the energies, the good and the bad.  Another tool that I own, but I haven't worked with it too much to really get a feel and an understanding.  Then again I didn't work with Sage for the longest time, due to its qualities of cleansing ALL energies.  I was a Sweet Grass girl.  But a friend said that as long as you're firm in saying which should go and which should stay, you shouldn't have a problem with keeping what/who you want.  Rattle might be the same way.  Heck a lot of these methods that I'm nervous about trying are probably that way....
  • Salt each corner
  • Using salt and a broomstick to "sweep" away the negativity.  Or just using a broomstick.
  • Home Wards outside of the home, which I have a Witches Bottle and Mirror Wards, and I was confident in their success, but I was concerned with Spirits or energy that may already exist within.  As in when I set up the wards, I didn't smudge the house before.  
  • Anoint with Olive Oil
  • Place black stones/gems in the home to draw or reflect negativity back.  Using these in combination with other stones to promote good vibes in your home.  (cleanse them once in a while)
  • Have a "sit down" with the Spirits and lay down the ground rules.  Command those unwelcomed to leave with your voice and conviction.  Ask other Spirits to watch over and protect your home from negative energies and Spirits.  (I do this when I smudge)

In revisiting these "safe" methods, I just wasn't happy with any of them.  None of them really vibed with me.  Then as I'm researching, I smell Dragon's Blood.  Spirits work in mysterious ways.  I just kept smelling it.  Had no idea where it was coming from and didn't question it.  It's my favorite oil to anoint with, aside from Lavender, and it's one of the first oils I started working with, aside from Olive Oil.

I googled whether or not Dragon's Blood, or Cinnabar, was safe for pregnant use.  I couldn't find much about it.  Either it hadn't been researched or it was fine.  I mean, I scoured the web to make sure I could use it, like I wasn't going to anoint myself with it or anything, but I just wanted to make sure it was safe. Safe to breathe in and everything. 

Cool, I can use it, then I realized that I didn't have anything about it in my files....WTF?  I'd just always used it for sacred matters, candle anointings, and protection.  So away to the web of knowledge I went.  The first place I went (and cross checked and found very little on) was

  • Miscarriage Prevention
  • Protection from negative energies and Spirits
  • Purification
  • Space clearing- the resin is more powerful than Sage.  According to the site, if you place the powder in the center of a little mound of salt (on a dish) and light it, the smoke can be used to smudge each room.  "Make sure you actually go outside of the front door.  There you can put out the smoke." 
  • Burn Dragon's Blood Incense; for strong presences, to use it in combination with "Sage, Lavender, White Copal, Frankincense, and Myrrh".

I thought this was pretty darn interesting, especially since I'd caught the "phantom" scent.  I'd thanked whomever waft it my way and dug out my oil burner.  I have resin, but I didn't want to burn any because my fire-safe smudge dishes are packed away; so I made some oil instead.  And I like making/using oil more than burning herbs/resins that I don't have too much of.  Oils tends to last longer around me.  I put the some of the resin in a base oil of olive and let it sit for in a dark place for a day (7 all together after I used a bit).  I thought if smoke from burning herbs was good for smudgings, why not smoke from the herb's oil?  In my 17 years of being a Witch, I'd never thought of it....makes me smile at the simplicity.

I poured the oil into the dish, added some water, and lit it.  Did my smudging, was a happy Witch, and enjoyed(ing) the cleansed positive energy of our home.  (One can add water to the oil to have it last longer.)  I don't burn the oil all the time, will probably do so once a month to every three, or whenever I feel that the apartment needs it. 

I love it when the Spirits aren't shy to give a bit of advice...or aroma...when needed. 


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