Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby's Altar

A couple of years ago, in Witchcraft & Practical Magic, I came across a picture of an altar dedicated to "the stages of childhood" (373).  It had the picture of the infant sitting on a book or an album, with a teddy bear, a pair of booties, and a lit pink candle.  I loved it, and not just because I'm a lover of altars and shrines.  I thought it was a great idea for my own little wrens.

August 2012
  • Wolf Spirit Statue- Guardian; She helped me when I dealt with the miscarriage and I still feel Her watching over us.  Also one of the Lunar animals for January is the Wolf.
  • Ultrasound
  • Bunny toy that I've had for well over 20 years.  Like the Goddess Dream, this little bunny toy was a reoccurring element.  An element I chose over a tiny baby toy I got from my SIL's baby shower.
  • Amethyst- Peace and Healing.
  • Rose Quartz- Love and Beauty.
  • Garnet- Protection and January's Birthstone.
  • Sea Turtle Hatchling- Followed my intuition on that choice. 

I rinsed each stone in running water, then charged them with the energies I wanted for the child, and held them to my bump, focusing the energy into the womb, surrounding Little Wren with it.  I asked Wolf to watch over and protect our growing baby, and charged the altar with protection and love.  While I burned Dragon's Blood oil for its purifying and protective qualities (that and I kept smelling it when trying to think of a safer alternative to sage for smudging our home.  The Spirits know best!).

A fellow Aries and Pagan mom suggested adding Carnelian (a favorite stone of mine) for some added "fire" power for its positive attributes.  A stone I've cleansed and empowered with Protection, Strength, Courage, and Love; qualities for me to draw on when I need them, during this pregnancy, labor, "and beyond".  I may turn it into a necklace later, but for now, it's good sitting between Wolf and Bunny. 

I'll be adding to the altar as time goes by, such as the second ultrasound, any early gifts from family, and I would like to make a tree from clay.   My plan is to use this altar for the stages of Rylie/Lycan's life, adding milestones to the tree through carvings, paintings, and charms.  One day, hopefully pass this altar off to them when they're ready.  Or least give them the trinkets from this altar as keepsakes.  I already plan on not only keeping a scrapbook but also adding the pictures of their altar to it.

We'll see how that goes.  :-)


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